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Interesting but engaging?

CrimsonCrow | Nov. 17, 2013 | Review of Darkout - PC

I played quite a few hours and was pretty pleased as it started off and it has a lot of telltale likenesses of other games like Minecraft, Terraria, and the like. It attempts to make it's own twist of basically having night time baddies out all the time unless you have lit it up. After a while it gets irritating to try and build something to survive and you make a dark spot for a second and BAM baddies are assailing you. It also has an extensive crafting system as well with all the usual tools and makeable items you would expect geared more toward a science fiction theme. However there is nothing exciting or enagaging about crafting something other than to craft something else to make yet something else. While that isn't a bad thing, it does nothing new or interesting either. The control scheme is wonky a bit as the scroll wheel is up as right and down is left, completely opposite any other game has had as default. I found myself always scrolling the wrong way. Can't change it either. Don't make a control scheme different just to make it different. At least let us change it. Anyway overall of you get it on sale you will get your $ worth of entertainment out of it but don't expect to be coming back over and over, maybe someday they will make it better to come back too. I've read many forum posts and problems this team has has with making the game and staying focused and set on direction but after playing it there is nothing really to get excited about. Definitely watch a lets play (few exist) and pay close attention to how it plays and not the fanboi babble that is likely to accompany the persons first play through. It is fun for a few hours but after that?