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One of my favorite RPG games!

CrimsonessCross | Feb. 26, 2013 | Review of Sacred 2 - PC

This game, when I found it on the xbox 360, had me interested one time. I forget how I actually took an interest in it though, but I am glad I did. I remember actually noticing the original Sacred in a Gamestop store very long ago but never thought of it actually being any good, but after I played Sacred 2 for many, many hours, I actually enjoyed the way the game worked. Anyways, the open-world for Sacred makes the game by far extremely enjoyable, and very, very open. If there was one thing I could relate it to, you could compare it to World of Warcraft world size (at least the base game) if not that, somewhat bigger. The characters all play a bit differently, and you can play either light or shadow I believe the options are (which is pretty much good vs. evil). After you beat the game through bronze (for an easy stroll through the game) or silver (which is a bit more of a challenge in the beginning) you can then progress to the next difficulty. They are as follows: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Niobium (I think XD). The skills for each character in this game have a cooldown instead of being dependent on any other resource like mana. all the skills and things you do with your abilities/skills can modify hhow long it takes to use a skills and those kinds of factors. The items are quite interesting and are just about the same color coding as any other game. Blue is magic, yellow is rare, there are set items and some legendary/unique items...I believe I received one ONCE from a quest...and that was on the PC, before that i'm pretty sure even my first Shadow Warrior character on 360, which was around level 50-60 i think, never noticed one. The gear that drops can always be for another character, and you can always stash it away in case you make that Temple Guardian or whomever you are not playing at the time. In the PC version as well, you have both a "Shared Stash" and a "My Stash" which makes the game much easier to stow away what you feel you need to save (the xbox 360 version was and is, I feel, a bit clunkier). You CAN play this online, but you need one of those external programs to actually get it to work since I believe the servers are down, but you can also play local which I have done and it is very fun. Although I haven't put many hours into this game on PC recently or since I have purchased it, it has many quests as it says as well. I have put many hours into this game at one point or another and I still believe it does not disappoint! ALSO! : do not forget to look up the most recent community patch as it brings and adds throwable weapons/potions, claw weapons, game fixes and some other stuff I forget about. Have fun in your Ancaria! *music fades in* "War it's now or never, we shall stand together, one by one, this world is Sacred!" :D


Amazing game to play and get lost in!

CrimsonessCross | Feb. 14, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nexway (1) - PC

I own this game on the X360 and I figured I would get it on the PC. The story of course is nothing fantastic (which is why it isn't a 100 score from me, the world is amazing, the dragons are fun to fight for the most part (i'm starting to think up some interesting encounters in random areas that could be modded in)...and speaking of mods there are TONS of them on steam! It was what tempted me to pick up this game a second time just by glancing through some of them that are for downloading. Can't wait to enjoy this game again :)


My favorite game this year :)

CrimsonessCross | Oct. 15, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA post - PC

This is by far better than the first game (and I LOVED the first game), because it builds upon that one and improves itself. I am still playing this game and intend to for quite a long time so that I can max out every character. The one downside I am not too much of a fan of, but doesn't impact the game, is the golden keys for the chest in Sanctuary. They give you some decent items (sometimes) depending on your level but you can always venture out and get something just as amazing if not better. The story was something that kept me moving forward as to find out what happens next; the same thing happened with the side-mission and I couldn't stop until I finished all of those and then I would move onto the story missions. I am not going to spoil anything with any mission because each one is fun and has a charm of their own :) The characters are, of course, different in their own ways. Although you can use any gun for any character now (which is awesome, and they did away with weapon proficiency) they have their own way that they play out, just as in the first. The mechromancer at the moment is my favorite one besides Maya. I love tearing through enemies and picking them up so they aren't able to do anything! :) The loot is definitely much more diverse than the first one was. You can find almost anything in almost all the containers (although there are still a couple or a few containers I can think of that solely contain ammo). The vehicles handle just like how the vehicles in Halo do as you push forward and look the way you want to go and then turn the camera the way you want to go and the vehicle will turn and do what it needs to to head that direction. The humor of course might be hit and miss at times, but the game doesn't take itself too seriously which is refreshing just as the first one was. Jack is such a great villain surrounding Borderlands 2 and the world. The DLC looks to be promising but there isn't much to say about it at this point because it isn't even out yet. I already purchased the season pass because by the sounds of the new rarity, and the new raid-like boss fights and the pirate DLC I will be putting more than 10 hours (as stated it contains) into it.


Currently my favorite class beside Maya.

CrimsonessCross | Oct. 15, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Pack - PC

The mechromancer, once you get your first skill point, is very fun to play. You get an additional AI ally if you play solo and Deathtrap pretty much rips up enemies without breaking an oil-based sweat, but has a time limit on them (unless you use the skill that gives him an additional 5 seconds for each enemy killed up to the max time limit), so make sure you use him to his highest potential while he's active! :) it has a 60 second cool-down. The anarchy is a very interesting mechanic as well. You get more damage the more stacks you have, but the accuracy for every gun you use drops down just as much. The only thing that sucks is if you accidentally reload (without discord) then you lose all your stacks of anarchy, so BE CAREFUL! I had the game pre-ordered and received this class in addition to the game, but if I had to pay 10$ (or be able to get them as a discount) I would because I enjoy the game so much more and am going to try to max out every class in this game. She seems overpowered but making enemies bow down to your power is just as satisfying as toying with the enemies on Maya. SUMMARY: If you enjoy Borderlands 2 (as much as I do), want to have a reason to run through the game again with a new character in addition to new skins, heads and new class mods for that character then you will have a good time :)