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One step forward, one step back

Crispymerks | May 24, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

I actually really enjoyed Far Cry 2 despite all it's flaws and I'd hoped that Far Cry 3 would keep the merits of Far Cry 2 and fix the problems. I am somewhat disappointed, for example they have more effective fast travel and shorter travel times but they seem to have taken a lot of life outside of the world. Random encounters with enemies are pretty much gone after you take a nearby outpost. I have around 15 hours in the game and I've had a handful of random firefights with enemies. The game has introduced animals which mix things up but most of them are incredibly easy to kill (for the player and enemies). It's true that they had to make FC3 more accessible than 2 however I think they've moved too far in the right direction and have passed the point where they should have stopped. Still a good game but not fantastic, a one playthrough job.