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Best Karting Game since Mario Kart n64.

Cronik2k | Aug. 9, 2011 | Review of Sonic SEGA AllStars Racing - PC

Really good game but be warned the PC version comes with no online multiplayer which is a huge disappointment and as far as I know hasn't had any DLC unlike the consoles. Even so the game itself has loads of tracks, many game modes and alot of items to unlock to make the game last and you can play local multiplayer and its easy to connect ur PC to a big TV and connect 4 Xbox or other Control pads and play with friends or the family with all the obvious benefits of PC Gaming (Better Graphics, Higher/ more stable frame rates etc). The gameplay is very fast and intense with many pickup perks and weapons to use to your benefit, with very satisfying turbo power slides with many character racers to choose from. Just note that you cant run this game in higher than 24 bit sample rate and 4800 Hz bit depth which can be changed in sound options found in control panel. I had just updated my sound card and I couldn't figure out why this game kept failing to launch and this turned out to be the reason. Basically the game is a great play through and still worth it even without the online multiplayer well worth picking up.


Good Game but should of been alot better....

Cronik2k | Aug. 9, 2011 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Requiem - PC

As a big fan of the movies and the past AVP games I had hopes for this game but when it was released on launch it was a disaster so many issues ranging from no dedicated servers which made games laggy as hell and I had a 20mb connection, a serious lack of multiplayer maps only 6, only 2 survival maps and lots of unbalance issues between the classes with people spamming certain moves and weapons, I have never seen a online community die so quickly as they did on this game. The game now has dedicated servers which is a big improvement and theres enough people left to play online now all they need to do is release the 2 map packs DLC for free and I could see alot of players returning to the game as they really should of been in the game to begin with as. I dont mind paying for DLC when the main game has enough content to begin with but for online variation 6 small maps isn't enough. Even after all the negativity I have just expressed the game is still really enjoyable for a hour blast online every now and again i've racked up 33hrs on the game and when you see this game for £3.75 in sales its definitely worth a purchase for the campaign alone. Theres 3 campaigns playing as each of the races (Humans, Aliens, Predator) each are around 3hrs each so a decent length in todays standards with the Human and Predator campaigns being the best. Your see alot of recognizable items, characters, weapons, sites, environments sounds of the films and it all adds to the experience though a co-op campaign could of been so much more fun., Lets hope Alien Colonials can make a much better job of their Aliens game coming out sometime next year, the title and license was abit big for a developer like Rebellion to take on imo who have a past history of mainly bad games but conclusion is this was a decent game if you can get it at a bargain price, its much better since patches and updates just could of been something epic.


Good fun unknown Gem.....

Cronik2k | Aug. 3, 2011 | Review of The First Templar - PC

I bought this not expecting much when it was on sale and I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it was. The combat is very enjoyable with alot of different moves and animations which you unlock with loot on a skill tree. The combat isn't hack and slash in the sense you cant go charging in there pressing the same buttons going crazy not getting hit, the a.i. will hit you and they will do alot of damage they aren't totally useless. You will need to parry, block, dodge, reverse and think about your attacks for different enemies and learn the patterns of the different enemies. Great fun co-op which I highly recommend doing as the A.I. bot really isn't upto much keeps dying but its a good job you can keep reviving him or her. Its a decently sized game as well 20 Chapters at 20 different locations, me and my m8 played it through on hard and it took us around 15hrs. Theres some fun puzzles and Indianna Jones like Temples where you have to avoid all kinds of traps and obstacles which was a good change up in gameplay. The graphics look good on high settings nothing ground breaking but good enough, the animations for executions kills are good but the voice acting in the cut scenes will make you cringe however the story of the game is decent enough. Basically well worth checking out this game if your on the fence whether or not to.


Oh what the game could of been......

Cronik2k | Aug. 3, 2011 | Review of Mafia II - PC

when you find out what was cut from the game. I still loved this game but my was it short and easy it was so empty compared to Mafia 1 and very linear and nothing to do when the game story has ended with no free roam or side quests or multiplayer. The cut scenes, story, voice acting, characters and fun shoot outs kept this game entertaining and really worth a play through but im glad I only paid £5 for it as it really is a game wheres not much replay value and when it ended I was like are you kidding me? The DLC packs aren't great either but if they come on sale for £1.50 each again the extra missions packs that is by all means give them ago. The graphics were stunning and I only have a half decent PC and I could have most settings high and ran with ease just a shame the world wasn't very big and didn't have many different areas to explore the city itself is rather emepty certainly not like GTA or Saints Row games, the lack of mod tools was also a set back for the game but even so its well worth a play through.


Good fun but .............

Cronik2k | Aug. 1, 2011 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

I wish they would do Medieval 3 or Rome 2 with the same game engine, features, campaign mechanics as Shogun 2. Shogun 2 is best in the series for how it works but I found Japanese Warfare and the campaign map very repetitive and small with lack of unit variety. The multiplayer was very annoying at the start as u have no good units, you have to unlock them which is horrendous cos every1 else has all the good units and u get crushed over and over as all you start with is Ashigaru units that just rout, I was finding it near impossible to even reach enemy lines before my units routed, but in the end I got a m8 to lose to me on purpose a few times to help me unlock the units. As a Total War fanatic I enjoyed this game but doesn't have the longetivity as others in the series but well worth buying and playing.