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It had bad impression however in some sense, it ain't bad also.

Cronoblade | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines and Season Pass - PC

The 1st time I played this game, it gave me an bad impression. The texture ain't great, the sound for the pulse rifle has loop and a pause in the middle, the flow of the game gets boring. The graphics isn't as good as AvP. The worse is that it doesn't look as good as they demo last time. You can see the character movement is stiff. Some textures, you will noticed it low quality. However, it was fixed with patch and it is alot better than last time. It used to have bad performance due to bug but it is fixed now. Whatever they demo, you ain't gonna find it here. The sounds for the pulse isn't good. The shotgun is generic, so no issue. Others are fine. I ain't gonna complain on the voice acting. The aliens hissing and death scream is fine. Nothing much to talk about it. It had 1 good atmosphere during the sewer level. The story is between the aliens 2 and alien 3. It talks about the event after aliens 2 movie. It has memorable event and easter eggs in the game. If you're a fan of aliens, you will be happy to see them. However, in terms of how they do the story telling. There are alot of plot holes and sometimes it doesn't flow together well with the previous aliens 2 movie. No spoiler here but you will know when you play it. Now for the gameplay. When you play alone, it's ok. When you play with coop, it's fun after using the highest difficulty. This game is dirt easy. The good part is that you can to fight alot of aliens. Maybe 5 on the screen compared to AvP. However, this game doesn't have the tension or atmosphere that would creep you out. It is more like an action game. In way, it's good but old alien fans will not be happy about it. The combat is fine when fighting aliens but i felt that the close quarter feels buggy. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Aliens AI are fixed, they don't get stuck that often. The AI sometimes gets stuck and you can't progress the game until you restart. Now the AI doesn't block you anymore like last time, you can go through them. They fixed this so you get stuck when the AI doesn't move. When you play SP/Coop, you gain level to upgrade your weapons. The demo overhyped the game badly. You won't experience the same event in the demo. Even when you killed the aliens, they just dissolve compared to demo, which it stays. Although the levels is there but it doesn't have the same epic event it supposed to give to you. Even the introduction of the demo is better than the actual game. The game isn't as bad as most people said. It is playable but forgettable. The multiplayer online is kinda dead since nobody is playing now. Get this if you have enough friends to play with for cooperative.


Good game for being zombie game, but not my cup of tea.

Cronoblade | Aug. 9, 2013 | Review of Dead Rising 2 Off the Record - PC

Let me summarize this. Pros: It is a sandbox type of game. You can do anything or you can follow the story. You can see hundreds of zombies in your screen and you can kill them with anything you can hold in the game. Furthermore, there are blueprints where you can combine the items into an effective weapons. Some of the weapons gives higher ppp points which helps to level up your character. You can also unlock or buy keys to drive vehicles and play around this sandbox. Some you can even add on weapons on it and cut through hordes of zombie. It's fun when doing especially in coop mode. I like DR2 coop mode. You can have friend with you to do crazy things together but you can hurt each other as the friendly fire is on. Not only you fight with zombies, but you fight with maniacs and some humans. Most of them are boss fight. They are known as psychos and you have to kill them. You will encounter alot of them and they have patterns you need to learn to defeat them. This "off the record" tells an alternative story of Frank West. It was demanded by the fans since the original DR2 didn't continue with Frank West but with a new protagonist. More like what if it was Frank West who was in Las Vegas. No spoiler here if you're planning to play but if you played the original DR2 and you like the new protagonist, you may not like this. Cons: The coop mode has 1 flaw i hate the most. When you pause, your parner will pause as well. You have to wait for him to unpaused before you can continue. Sometimes when you're doing something, your coop friend need to look at map, it pause the game. I find it very annoying. The mission and side missions have time limit. If you're busy doing side mission and your main mission is running out of time, you have to replay the whole thing or it will be game over. Of course this only apply to storymode, the sandbox has no time limit but sandbox is for you to play for fun and grind for money. The AIs inside are your enemies even if they are good guy in the story mode. This game isn't bad at all but it just isn't my type of game.


Good 3rd person hack and slash but lack of depth in combat

Cronoblade | Aug. 9, 2013 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

Think of this as a dynasty warrior with Lord of the ring. Well, it's action hack and slash RPG. It's very enjoyable for the 1st playthrough and it is better when you're playing cooperative with friends. Even after finishing the game on singleplayer, your progress can still be continued on the next new game. Most likely on higher difficulty. Unfortunately, when you're playing on higher difficulty, it is better to play it online. Reason? The AIs are terrible. They are the reason why you will lose in combat because they are useless. All they do is to hack and slash but do not use the skills. On higher difficulty, the enemy hits very hard, and you will drop in few seconds. The mechanism has RPG style, where you can upgrade your str, dex, and so on. The stats distribution is important when you're planning to meet the equipment requirement to use. Also adding the stats will strengthen certain attributes. The combat system is simple. Tap light attack, follow by heavy attack. You can use arrow and bow and skills but it doesn't flow well together. It's actually button mashing. I can say that you can mount their so called turret in a "defend an area" event. That's it, it's very simple button mashing game play. Combo like dynasty warrior? Nope, you won't see it in here. The story follows the same timeline as the movie. This is more of the side story. It had the same events happening from the movie but you're not at the same location with the heroes. Don't want to spoil for you, but it's not as bad as you may think. However, the character development isn't there. You don't feel anything for the characters. You will only meet the characters from the movie though. The RPG style for this game is a mixed pros and con. It doesn't have in depth RPG but some of the conversation or choice you made affects certain event of the game. You're in control of the story like maybe 40% of it. That's a good thing for this game. However, take note that in cooperative mode, some people just don't have time to wait for you to talke to everyone. They can't progress until you move on. So, if you want to get more into the storyline, play singleplayer 1st, read everything, then go cooperative. The graphics for this game. It feels muddy and bland. It feels dull and boring. It lacks of vibrant but as most people said, it was dark times, which is why it is like that. I play other Lord of the ring games, and it is dark but isn't as dull as this. I really can't give much thumbs for the graphics, graphics is on the con side. If you have friends who would join to play, go ahead but take note if they aren't into story, play singleplayer 1st. Although I must say that 2nd playthrough is nothing but the same thing unless you want to know the outcome of your choices you made and due to the simple and dull graphics, you may not want to go again. Well, my opinion nonetheless. It's an OK game.


Good coop game while it lasted

Cronoblade | Aug. 7, 2013 | Review of Dead Island - PC

This game is only best to play with friends. It just a typical 1st person melee combat or shooter game. Although it is typical, it is fun. The graphics is just moderate and sound effects is just average. The story is nothing but trying to escape from the island. It has lack of character development. Talking about the varieties of zombie, it has similarity with Left 4 Dead which are the special zombie. Playing this game alone is very boring but when you're playing with friends, it is addictive. The game plays like very generic zombie game but i don't know why it actually makes you want to continue playing it. It has loots which is weapons, materials to make special weapons and ammo. If you have friends who is going to play with you, please get this but do not expect too much from this game. The trailer for this game is great where you actually felt for the characters but when you're playing the game, the developer failed to execute it.


It's great playthrough for 1st time

Cronoblade | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of Warhammer 40000 Space Marine SEGA - PC

It's a generic shooter with beat em up system. The graphics in this game is good and the brutality finishing is very satisfying. However, compared to previous trailer and screenshot, the gore has been toned down. There are alot of blood splashing after getting chainsaw-ed by your chainsword. It's very fun during 1st few hours but it gets very very repetitive. The best part of the game is when you have the jump packs but only few levels uses it. The great part of this is game is the horde of orcs getting grinded by your bolt pistol and chainsword. The Multiplayer is fun and the coop mode which is known as last stand is challenging. You can customize your character with huge varieties of ccosmetic armor and you upgrade your weapons. You can also gain perks as long you manage to finish their challenges.