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Historical Lashout

Crookster30 | July 7, 2013 | Review of Defcon Everybody Dies Steam - PC

This really gives you the feel of being an American officer working in the war rooms in the cold war. It can get infuriating at times and a bit repetitive but the logic behind it is great. it can be confusing however, give it time and you'll understand and appreciate the game more.



Crookster30 | July 7, 2013 | Review of Evolver - PC

I was surprised, I went in expecting it to be bad and it was in fact very good indeed. Its a fun game that requires concentration. There isn't much to write about, it you feel for the plunge go ahead however, I personally would save your money for something better.


Fun in parts but needs improvement

Crookster30 | July 7, 2013 | Review of Dracula Ressurection - PC

This is a great game but as you can probably see from the pictures the quality of the picture could do with improvement. The storyline is good, it has some good bits and some bad bits so overall 50/50. There are some scary bits that make you think. I would say get this game when its on offer.


Needs building upon

Crookster30 | July 7, 2013 | Review of Aztec - PC

This has the potential to be a great game, all of the main features are there however, the graphics could do with some improvement. To be honest it just needs brushing up and multiplayer on it should have been an option. The story can be a bit repetitive but it is enjoyable.


One island, One rule, One El Presedante !

Crookster30 | May 31, 2013 | Review of Tropico 4 Steam - PC

This game is the best city builder and extends what you can do on Tropico 3. The buildings may be the same however it is the new things that substitute this, you can now have a ministry and control you island like a real dictator would. You really have to think of what you need to do In order to please your subjects by making decisions for proposals set by faction representatives. The new natural disasters really add to the game play because they're unexpected and means you always have to have some money ready. They're your people, if you don't like someone, arrest them, or better yet have your military execute them in the street - all of this, you can observe in the comfort of your own home.


It does get better

Crookster30 | May 31, 2013 | Review of Tropico 3 Steam - PC

Personally, I love simulators. This game doesn't disappoint at all, you have an island that you rule! You run your economy and your military. The menu can be a bit confusing and so can the aspect. If you have spare cash, i'd get this, if you have some more, you may as well get Tropico 4



Crookster30 | May 31, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 - Xbox 360

Far superior than any other FPS. The graphics are, as the title says, amazing. The mix of infantry and vehicle warfare makes staying on the ground a scary, explosive experience. You can be a medic, dashing through the fire and smoke to a casualty while tanks and LAV's are covering you with a fusillade of bullets. What makes this game slightly better than its rival, Call of Duty is the air warfare. This is simply the best. The realism in the helicopters and jets is second to none. The really exciting thing about this game is that there are two battles in one, those who are in the jets may not know what is going on beneath then because they are too transfixed on destroying that pesky attack chopper that is assaulting your troops at D (reference to a point on conquest). You have the land battle on the ground and an air battle in the sky. It does take some getting used to, this is not like COD at all, it is far more realistic, if you prefer a game where you step back, observe and strategically plan an attack or experience hell on earth in a tank battle then this is the game for you. Meer words cannot express the delight of playing this game, you will just have to see for yourself


Well rounded...ish

Crookster30 | May 31, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty Black Ops II - Xbox 360

This continuation of the Call Of Duty Series is astonishing. Simply brilliant. The action packed campaign shows realistic, scary and shocking moments as you progress through it; for example, trudging through the flood ridden streets of an Asian city, hiding in the shadows and breathing silently in the dark dodging the constant drone spotlight. Every second counts in this amazing campaign. On this basis the campaign is definitely worth seeing to the end. Perhaps the downside to the campaign is that it is flawed in some places - lets be honest an invisibility cloak that doesn't work? come on. These I believe will be patched and don't affect the other platforms. The multiplier as a whole is - as expected - very good and isn't let down by any bad ideas in the game. The diverse weaponry allows the player to find their own perfect weapon of choice and allows them to turn from a sheepish 'noob' to an all rounded, hell raising, killing machine. The unique dialogue of the characters and the teams allow for a probable future war setting. All of the weapons are balanced, if its a close ranged map then submachineguns will work well, long range, snipers. Most people claim that LMG's have no real purpose that to work as a weight, this is untrue, use it as a support weapon and you shall dominate. There is no real master weapon that is 'overpowered' you now need to think about the weapons you use. There are minimal modders and no hackers. The most prominent downside to the Xbox experience of this game is the heavy burden of lag. Sometimes you can be doing really well in a game and then it could suddenly close down due to a time out. This does get infuriating over time. Furthermore, if your connection isn't very good then the majority of games that you go in will have 2 out of 4 bars and can be quite an annoying experience. You may need to get used to some people 'raging' at you most of the time, so be prepared. Finally Call of duty need to think of new map layouts - EVERY single on of the Call OF Duty maps ever made have similar layouts; three ways through. There are always three ways through the map, lock these down with LMG's and snipers and you control the game, this can be a horrible experience for the enemy team. This theory works both ways and can happen to you. The predominant reason why people buy the game is for the zombies. It doesn't disappoint at all and is an enjoyable experience. 'Mob of the Dead' is by far the best zombies map released and has even topped Call of Duty Black Ops 'Moon'. The story line on the characters in the Call Of Duty is very disappointing, the Easter eggs are more difficult and aren't worth bothering with. The characters are horrible stereotypes and again, the story lines are rubbish. If you were to get any DLC for this game it would have to be for 'Mob of The Dead' amazing Easter egg and really good map. The Easter egg is considerably shorter and the experiments that they have tried in this map are to an exceptional standard (Afterlife, building the plane). In conclusion, this is a really good game, it has its ups and downs. I would advise a purchase. ATTENTION: This review is based on a mix of opinion and fact, game play may be different for all players.