Reviews by CymTyr


Great game! Let's have fun

CymTyr | Jan. 22, 2013 | Review of The Darkness II - PC

This is one of those games that at first you look at the screenies and think "Will I like this?" Then you play it and it's like... Oh yes. I think I do. Something strangely seductive about the gore, much like getting desensitized from playing DA:O this game is fun, and NOT for kids. Get this game. It's trying something new and the devs should be rewarded for that.


A beautiful game

CymTyr | Jan. 22, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition - PC

This game got mixed reviews from the purists and die hards and most of everyone else really enjoyed it. It goes on sale frequently, so my advice for you, if you're wondering if you'll like it, get it on sale, though I can say it's worth the full price. 100% because Eidos resurrected this franchise in a way that made sense, though not everyone who's played it agrees. Make up your own mind, stop reading my review, and GET THIS GAME :)


A timecard... what more to say?

CymTyr | Jan. 22, 2013 | Review of Rift 30 Day Time Card - PC

30 days of time usually a few cents cheaper than buying directly from Trion. Couple this with a voucher and you're looking at saving a few bucks. A few bucks may not be much, but over the life of a career in a given mmo, they can save you a lot of money in the long term :) 100% because GMG lets us use vouchers with this gamecard most of the time.


Beautiful game, use a controller ;)

CymTyr | Jan. 22, 2013 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

This is a beauty of a game with a lot going for it. It focuses more upon action with rpg elements of loot gathering and quests. All in all it's a solid game, and I believe I got my copy for somewhere around $5 USD - it's easily worth that and then some, despite having a bug that can stop you dead in your tracks with no resolution to it other than starting over at the beginning of the level. Patching support is pretty much done for this game, so if you do encounter the bug (you'll know, I don't need to put it in here) expect to have to re-do some of the game to try to prevent the bug from re-occuring. I'm going to give it a solid 85%, based on the fact that the camera does weird things when you use a keyboard + mouse and because of the game breaker that never got patched out, otherwise it would be a solid 92-95%. Get this game, it's worth every penny if you're an action rpg fan. Very surprisingly much MUCH better than peer reviews I found on it.