Reviews by Czapens


Everything for your Magicka

Czapens | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Magicka Collection - PC

This bundle features all DLC's for the commical and fully filled with satire game from Arrowhead Studios, published by Paradox Interactive. You control a wizard, a little wizard with the knowledge of 8 types of spells. At first it does not sound like a lot of variety but there is the ability to combine them those spells which makes them more powerful (and sometimes lethal to your friends). The game is really fun, especially with your friends - so if you look to play some Co-op, this is the perfect game.


Great story

Czapens | June 27, 2013 | Review of Dear Esther Steam - PC

Dear Esther is an interactive movie than a challenging game. The atmophere, the ambience, the sense of solitude, uncovering step-by-step the story - a very immersive experience. The game should run on just about every modern PC, so everyone can uncover this gem in the sea of computer gaming industry. Beware though it's more like a movie, the player does not fight monsters, fire guns etc. Simple walking and witnessing the beautiful scenery and landscapes. A very innovative way of making a computer game, but if someone is here for the story, just as reading a book, the player will be satisfied. IMMERSION. I highly recommend.