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D3ATH | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

Just Cause 2 is one of the most massive games yet featuring a massive landscape and simple gameplay. Just Cause 2 is an action adventure game set on multiple islands which are controlled by a nation called Panau; formerly a friend of the US, now controlled by a power-hungry dictator. You are playing as a special agent sent to the island to cause chaos and help local gangs blossom in order to topple the harsh government. The landscape in Just Cause 2 is absolutely gorgeous and ranges from tropical jungles to hot deserts to snow mountains. There are hundreds of small villages, some towns and even a large city with a lot of skyscrapers. In addition there are army bases, fuel depots and so on. Every location provides you multiple objects and structures you can tear down and blow up. Gameplay is simple and fun. You have a parachute and hookshot with you at all times, meaning if you can see it, you can go there. Climbing mountains and buildings has never been this simple. Hookshot + parachute combo gives you a fun way to fast-travel between locations without even needing a vehicle, but even if you don't feel like traveling on your own, you can order a black market helicopter to take you to your chosen location. Black market also provides you with weapons and vehicles for a fee. Missions are repetitive, the story is bland and the voice acting is terrible, but despite that, there is so much else to do that you won't even be paying much attention to the story. Just Cause 2 is a game any fan of the genre should play.


Can't go wrong

D3ATH | Nov. 11, 2011 | Review of Crysis - PC

Crysis is an action shooter which sets you on a beautiful tropical island to find out what kind of secret are the Koreans hiding from the world. You will soon find yourself parachuting onto the island with a small team of soldiers, all strengthened with a high-tech nanosuit to have multiple super powers, such as being invisible or the ability to take more damage. This game features gorgeous graphics and visuals. With all settings on maximum, it's hard to tell a difference between real life and Crysis. Of course this kind of luxury requires a beefy PC, but I'm sure a lot of people nowadays will be able to run this game at a nice setting. The combat and fighting in this game is tactical and stealthy at one moment, and a minute later you will yourself in middle of explosions and intense gunfire. Combat of this game should please anyone as there are multiple ways of taking out enemies. You could draw all the attention in the area to yourself by hijacking a vehicle and gun down the enemies from the vehicle-mounted MG, or activate the invisibility power of your nanosuit and take out enemies silently one by one. The story in this game is pretty solid and decent too, but not something you'd remember long after playing the game. But the story is clearly not what the developer's wanted to make stand out the most. In conclusion, Crysis is an enjoyable experience worth at least one playthrough offering you many hours of entertainment.



D3ATH | Nov. 8, 2011 | Review of Dragon Age Origins Digital Deluxe - PC

Having played most of Bioware titles, I expected more from this game. Dragon Age starts out big, setting you on a path to save the world from destruction and evilness. There are multiple different ways to start the game, each start depending on your race and status. Soon enough you find yourself fighting the evil with good or even evil if that's your cup of tea. Along the road you find more and more companions each with their unique character. This game offers you a lot of entertaining and deep interactions and conversations with all kinds of characters, meaning you have to be careful about what you say or you may be disliked by many. The story is pretty similar to most of the games from same genre; Evilness spreading all over the world and you are the only hope to save the world. I personally found the story quite bland a it didn't offer anything new or unexpected. Graphics are good and every item, building and character is pleasing to eyes. Cutscenes in this game are really good and beautiful to watch. Combat system this game is average at it's best. While it presents you with a lot of weapons and ways to end the life of your enemies and quite a bit of blood, it feels dated and irritating. Controlling and commanding your companions in combat can also be quite frustrating at times. Generally it feels like this game is trying to offer too much, yet unsuccessfully.


Extremely fun

D3ATH | Sept. 13, 2011 | Review of Victoria II - PC

Victoria 2 is a strategy game from paradox which features the entire Victorian era. You can play as nearly any nation which existed around that time. The way how you play this game entirely depends upon you; whether you want to be world-dominating mastermind or a tiny city-nation, the choice is yours. If you are big enough, you can also colonize uncolonized areas, but for that you have to research technologies. Technologies give you many bonuses, better army units, better ships, railroads and so on. You also have to keep an eye on your population and issues in your nation. Keep your people happy or they will most likely start rebellions, although even happy people may sometimes start rebellions. This game is being actively developed even further and even modded by fans. I recommend this game to any strategy game fan out there.


So much freedom!

D3ATH | Aug. 25, 2011 | Review of Mount Blade Warband - PC

Great medieval-themed game set in a fantasy world named Calradia. Regions vary from cold snowlands to hot deserts. Take part in huge battles. Choose from many weapons from swords to crossbows and armors from simple farmer suit to heavy metal armor. Help a kingdom to onquer other kingdoms, or even form your own kingdom. It's up to you who you will be in this game, whether you want to be a peaceful trader, a mighty knight, an evil raider or a king controlling the whole Calraida. This game also features a multi-player feature, but that is pretty much just a battle mode and not as fun as single player, but still fun enough to keep you busy.