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Great sequel to great first game!

DARKKi_NZTi | Dec. 28, 2014 | Review of Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2 - PC

allright so i just finished the main game in 14 hours. what i think about it? let me first tell you that i have played and finished both Lords of Shadow 1 and Mirror of Fate, so this would be a great and useful review as i can compare this installment to the others. first the negative part: 1 - the game is a tad shorter than Lords of Shadow 1 but it is longer that Mirror of Fate. 2 - this game is easier than LoS 1 and MoF, but the last boss is such a pain.. 3 - not many puzzles, if any it will be a kid's puzzle. 4 - story is weaker than LoS 1 but somewhat alot better than MoF. 5 - the modern city is not very interesting. now the positive part: 1 - graphics are very very good. 2 - combat system is simplified and it is more useful than LoS 1, no longer you have combos that are useless in combat. 3 - great story, still not as good as LoS 1. meaningful and relevant to the previous installments (LoS1 and MoF) 4 - no crashings, no freezings and no technical issues what so ever. 5 - amazing design of the Dracula's castle. 6 - Great soundtrack and voice acting, still i think LoS 1 was a bit better. 7 - rotateable camera angle in-game, which was somewhat painful in LoS 1. 8 - so many secrets and playablitiy, just like LoS 1 and even better than that. 9 - great boss fights and boss designs. 10 - state of the art character design, level design, theme, atmosphere and off course bosses. frankly i dont get why on earth metacritic gave this game a 58 out of 100. if i would to give LoS 1 98/100, then i would give this game at least 85/100. i strongly recommend this game to you, defo worth the price and time. do not look at the metacritic score, it is an amazing game. i hope my review was useful to you guys, all the best and enjoy this astonshing game.


An Real Suprise for Civilization fans, best one so far

DARKKi_NZTi | Nov. 22, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

Civilization 3 and 4 were littlebit of an disappointments but Civilization 5 makes up for it! And with Brave New World DLC it is almost perfect! If you are new to Civilization series, it is an global scale strategy game with real life civilizations and you crate cities, do diplomacy, research new things and do war ofcourse. It is easy to learn unlike some strategy games so if you are a bit shy about strategy games, with Civ5 you do not need to worry. Civilization 5 stands as best in the class right now, there is no reason to miss it.