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Football, the game they play in heaven

DBOT187 | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of Football Manager 2013 Steam

The good: an accurate, deep and time consuming simulation, the classic mode is awesome as the game becomes less of a time sink then the full blown mode. The match engine is pretty good overall, and it really is fun whether your managing your favourite top flight team or getting stragglers off the bottom.

The bad: The match engine can occasionally be inconsistent with results when the result should be a win to your side, and sometimes the game wont let you win a certain match regardless of players tatics etc. Players will demand more wages, sometimes double and then get annoyed because you wont pay them and either become free agents or sign at a rival club for less. Buttering up the agent or increasing additional fees helps.

The ugly: I've had a save game get corrupt randomly and lost a few months progress suggest with this you set rolling saves and a new save file every week or save often and backup, once bitten twice shy. Also had a xml file error making the mapping of the buttons/game unplayable, deleting the appdata/roaming/si/settings folder fixed this up.

Extra Bonus: If you love the game suggest you read football manager stole my life, great read and very funny too.

Overall: A few niggles but these don't detract from an awesome to go and play it now.