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Chivalry - The true excurse to the Middle Ages.

DWCZ | Jan. 29, 2013 | Review of Chivalry - PC

Seriously, the only reason, that would force me to write review in English (which is not my mother tongue, just to clarify), would be an extreme quality (or at least controversy) of the „soon to be judged by me“ gaming title. I’ve searched the precious GMG store back and forth, simply to find a game worth writing about, and my eyes finally focused on one of the last year’s sensations of the computer gaming world – online, (primarily) team based carnage, set in the „not that peaceful“ medieval times – named Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. First and foremost – this game is not your average huge budget AAA title. In fact, it was developed by a rather small indie company called Torn Banner Studios, which partly consists of the team formerly working on the Half-Life 2 mod called Age of Chivalry. This mod used to be quite popular back in the day, probably because there aren’t (and I think it’s safe to say, there never really were) exactly tons of medieval warfare focused online games. Torn Banner Studios wanted to picture the cruel, bestial, savage nature of the medieval combat, so expect severed hands to fly in the air and limbs to be crushed. Players with weak stomachs and hippie pacifists, you have been warned. Go play Carmageddon or something. At the end of the day, knights were all splattered with blood, instead of kissing hands of ladies, saving them from their towers. Gameplay wise, Chivalry actually plays pretty much like a medieval Counter Strike. You too have different classes to choose from, be it a slow, but rather mighty Knight, slightly faster, but a lot more fragile Man At Arms, or ranged based, amongst the players rage-quits inducing Archer, who stays away from the honorable man-to-man combat, just to shoot unexpected arrows of death to painfully unguarded backs of his opponents. If you are unsure about what you want to play, you can always choose a gladiator-like Vanguard, in case you are a fan of those „know it all“ balanced classes, that are a little bit of everything. Yeah we all know those ones. During my play through, which clocks at around 35 hours so far, I thought the balancing of the classes was brilliant – in case you’d find (usually) melee combat avoiding Archers annoying, you can always equip your character with handful shield, which serves as a protection against those unexpected arrow blows. You are also able to kill a heavily armored Knight, playing as an Archer in the close combat, if you are clever (and/or experienced) enough. So the odds are even. Cleverness and the sense for good timing, when it comes to blocking and striking, is the essence of the Chivalry combat. Although every class has its responsibilities on the battlefield when the bloody carnage starts, you can easily be a pillar of the team with pretty much anything you like. It really takes just your skill, patience and will, to overcome the opponent’s defense and claim his head for yourself and your team (or king- if you are an RP player, haha). Sometimes, you can also take advantage of the ongoing scrimmage and just kill your enemies rather stealthily, by surprise or charge into the battle screaming on top of your lungs. No seriously, you can do that –in this game – with a press of a single button. How you kill them then, is just on you to decide – just like in the real Middle Ages. Trust me. I was there. I must, atop of my position, strongly recommend new-to-the-game players, that successfully passes the necessary tutorial, to start with the free-for-all game mode, so that they will get hang of the basic combat mechanics, which are quite sophisticated and reminds one of the War of the Roses or Mount & Blade franchises. I’d say tho, that melee combat in Chivalry is a bit more dynamic in comparison of the above stated, for example you can always choose from different attacks, being it executed horizontally, or vertically, you can bash nearby hostile enemy with a shield or simply kick him, rendering him defenseless for a few precious time, which is all it takes to finish him off. Pacing of the combat is splendid and is a pinnacle of the games’popularity. Auto heal is present, yes but trust me, you won’t even notice it most of the time, because if, and when you make a mistake, it will cost you your head. Literally. There are six maps and three game modes total – being it free-for-all (deathmatch), classic TDM and objective based modes (King of The Hill being one of them) – more than enough to have a loads of fun. The only cons for me are thus loads of bugs (although understandable, the game is still being polished), occasional freezes/disconnects, server browser hangs/time outs. Some weapons were also still bugged at the time of the writing of this review. Overall I rate this game very positively, considering its origin and wish Torn Banner studios well deserved success. See you on the battlefield lads! For the Order!