Reviews by DaBigMan


Dated, but enjoyable

DaBigMan | July 22, 2015 | Review of Gun Metal Steam - PC

Gun Metal lets you take control of 'the Havoc Suit', a vehicle that transforms from mech to jet. You go through several missions, each with varying objectives: "Destroy all the enemies" or "Escort the convoy", pretty straightforward stuff. You'll have lots of fun blowing up various enemies, large and small, with you're wide array of weapons (you get a new weapon for each mission you complete) ranging from lasers to flak cannons to homing missiles. The transforming is really solid too. The controls are a little bit clunky, especially on a keyboard, but all the buttons can be remapped, so you can change things to your liking. The graphics are kinda old, but the various landscapes actually look pretty nice. I personally think it's a good shooter that'll keep you entertained for quite a while with all it's arcadey fun. The gameplay does get a little repetitive, but it's still enjoyable all the same. If you have some cash to spare, and some time to waste, I recommend picking up Gun Metal.


A nice RTS

DaBigMan | Nov. 23, 2013 | Review of Supreme Commander 2 - PC

You have three factions to choose from, each with their pros and cons. Strategy and decision making is important. Should I research a new experimental or improve my tanks power and range? Should I build turrents and shields, or build artillery? The enemy is sending a large attack force to you base. Do I launch my expiremental half-baked, or risk it being destroyed in the attack? You must always be improving your tactics and strategies. When you lose a match to someone, don't just go away upset. Save the replay of the match and study what moves your opponent made. It will help you out alot. Supreme Commander 2 isn't the best RTS game, but it's still an enjoyable, strategic experience.


The best sniping game I've played.

DaBigMan | Nov. 23, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite - PC

This isn't a game where you're invincible on some mountain picking off clueless enemies who can't figure out where you are. You actually have be wary about enemies, because, unlike many other shooters, they can actually kill you. Once you fire a shot they don't stand there scratching their heads wondering which direction it came from. You have bullets flying your way soon after and many of those bullets find their mark. You have to use stealth often to get past certain areas. Sometimes you may need to throw a rock to get a guard away from his post. You oftentimes need to mask the sound of you gunshot with the sound of artillery. The sniping is really solid. You must take in account gravity, windspeed, heartrate, among other things. Overall the game is quite enjoyable. If you're a fan a sniping games, go ahead and buy Sniper Elite.



DaBigMan | Nov. 6, 2013 | Review of Guncraft Steam - PC

I know you're probably thinking "Oh look, another Minecraft spinoff" or "Another lame looking knockoff of Ace of Spades" or "Why buy this when I can just download a gun mod for Mincraft". Let me explain a few things. The only similarities between Guncraft and Minecraft is blocks, and some building. Other than those two things, they are very different. Also, many people say that AoS is much better than Guncraft. But Guncraft has many cool things that AoS doesn't. Here are just a few: Guncraft lets you make your own custom maps, prefabs, character skins, guns, melee weapons and tools, has hookshots that let you zip around the map, parachutes, vehicles you can drive such as helicopters and tanks, unique gamemodes such as Lava Survival, Meteor Survival, and Paranoia, and awesome devs that constantly fix and improve the game. Also their are no minecraft mods or combination of mods that can give you what Guncraft has to offer. Did you ever want to make that super cool cyber ninja class equipped with an epic sniper rifle, a hookshot, and a sweet katana? Guncraft gives you the ability to do that. The customization in Guncraft is what really makes it different than other shooters. The only negative thing about Guncraft is the lack of players, but in time, I'm sure more people will start playing. Overall, Guncraft is an enjoyable and unique shooter that lets you be creative.