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Dacard | March 4, 2014 | Review of SEGA Halloween Title - PC

Your standard run of the mill typing tutor this isn't, the sequel to the Dreamcast (1990) and pc (2000) original, is also a remake of the 2009 wii title, the house of the dead overkill, being based on the far newer title, brings far sharper graphics and an awesome grindhouse cinema feel, that is often played for laughs will over the top character intros and clichés shooting at you a mile a minute, but not in a bad way. The silly dialog and crazy gore made me smile all the way through. The gameplay itself couldn't be simpler, you use a keyboard, you type words that appear on screen zombies (sorry don't use the z word, they are mutants!) die, its brilliant. The game is also a complete version of the original Wii game, played with a mouse instead of the hand cannon. Its fun, but the real meat is in the typing half. As it goes this is not as unforgiving as the original, that had you start off with words such as 'it' 'the' and 'if' at the start of the first level, and had you writing short sentences before the level was out. No Overkill has a selection of difficulties and choosing easy keeps words to a minimum, making beating the game a bit less frustrating, although you have infinite continues so you can never truly lose, losing reams of lives one after another gets pretty damned annoying after a while. All in all great fun, best typing tutor you can get if you hate the bog standard variety.