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A bold take on the military shooters that we know but don't love

Dagexon | June 7, 2014 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

Unlike most military shooters the story is the first and foremost important part of the game and the single player campaign is more important than the fact just forget the multiplayer, it's a waste of time. Story: Spec Ops the Line defies conventions due to its story focusing on character's emotions with such intricate details that's seldom seen in shooters nowadays. It doesn't focus on global annihilation or any large scale threat but a small and focused journey that's most definitely worth experiencing, in fact it's worth experiencing at least twice as you make choices during the campaign. It is these choices that make the story so engrossing and engaging as they actually feel important, not really because of their effects but because of the way in which they make you feel about yourself. These choices you encounter are not easy choices and present many moral dilemmas and it is because of them that I myself began to feel insecure about my own morality, and then consequently, because of this, I began to really feel for the characters in the game unlike I had ever done before. Without spoiling too much the story actually feels incredibly relevant and as though it has a purpose to demonstrate moral issues and how actual soldiers may feel as well as perhaps a few other things. It is because of the relevance of this story that, all though I did absolutely love the last of us, I feel that story wise Spec Ops the Line is even better than the Last of Us. This is also partly because Spec Ops the Line is shorter, more concise and more focused as it is only a 6 hour game, but don't worry though you'll still get a decent amount of play time because you will definitely want to play it again. Gameplay: Although competent the gameplay isn't the greatest that we've seen in a shooter. Many have criticized it's cover mechanic however I actually loved it once I had gotten used to it, you feel like you're in control as you move from cover to cover rather than in some games like the latest ghost recon where you have to just wait for your character to move to the cover that you've selected. It is disappointing however that there isn't an option to turn a corner easily though. Although I have said that I like the cover system it is still a little disappointing that the combat just mainly consists of popping out of cover and popping off people's heads, at least however due to the games length it doesn't feel necessary for more detailed mechanics to be introduced. Graphics: Simply put the game is stunning. There's actually a bright colour palette which, like it's focus on story, is rare amongst shooters nowadays. Multiplayer: Forget it, it feels like it was just a requirement set by the developers but it doesn't detract from the overall experience of the game. Conclusion: To conclude Spec Ops the Line is a once in a while game that everyone must play. Despite it's slightly mundane and fairly unoriginal combat it's still managed to sneak into my list of favourite games. The game is criminally underrated and it should blow you away.


Sorta clumsyish

Dagexon | May 26, 2014 | Review of Dark Void - PC

One of the main problems that I have with this game is that using the jet pack didn't feel as easy as I would have liked. I think that this could perhaps been due to the camera angle that you're given when using it not being to my liking or maybe it is just because I lack the skill required. Either way for me personally, with the jetpack the way that it is it, the whole Ariel combat mechanic feels clumsy and dissapointing. This is therefore a shame seeing that that was pretty much the games only redeeming feature, the story is best ignored, the game is incredibly linear and there is little variation in the enemy ai. Having criticised the game however the price can justify the purchase for some


Coop is actually kinda enjoyable

Dagexon | April 26, 2014 | Review of Conflict Denied Ops Steam - PC

Compared to most first person shooters this game doesn't exactly shine. Graphically the game looks horrendous and the plot is abysmal (it's something to do with capturing some nukes..... I think). However, there are a few cool things. Compared to most shooters the environments a fairly destructible which would provide some eye-candy if the textures weren't so awful but the destruction does none-the-less provide some more depth to the combat. The campaign is also entirely playable in coop which, because I love my coop, I was really thankful for as it's just so much more fun to play this game with a friend, especially because the level design does at least allow for the two players to split up a bit. So yeah, this game isn't great but if you have played most of the other coop games out there but you're still thirsty for more then this may be worth checking out, especially because it's so cheap.


Disappointing but kinda alright

Dagexon | April 21, 2014 | Review of War of the Vikings - PC

I guess I was just expecting more. I was expecting there to be mounted combat like in war of the roses, the first game in the so called serious....but there isn't. This may not sound like a big complaint but it is as it makes the combat more mundane. There is also a lack of weapon variety, you just have 10 or so different appearances of the same sword or axe which also reduces the amount of depth to the game. Basically the game is just lacking... but... the game is still fun for experienced players. This is because it feels like a great deal of skill is required to do well which makes the game challenging which provides entertainment. So despite the games lack of depth I can still recommend this game, but not to the more casual players though.


Some good features hidden amongst a sea of bad

Dagexon | April 12, 2013 | Review of Defiance Post - PC

Defiance certainly does do some things right, for instance the gunplay is great (for an MMO) as usually in mmos you wait to swing your blade or fire a shot but this game is similar to a third person shooter-which is a good thing as few other mmos do this however when you compare it to a AAA shooter then you will realise that it's not as good but seeing it's an mmo it can be forgiven. However it's harder to forgive because it doesn't feel like a proper mmo either as the social interactions with other players aren't that great and it's difficult to talk to players in the game world as the menu to do so is rather hidden so people tend not to use it, also when you do see other players you don't usually stick around with those people but instead you wiz off and do your own thing and so do they which makes it less enjoyable compared to other mmo's. The PVP is rather good though as you can have 64vs64 player battles-with rather good gunplay. There are also PVE instances yet most of the creatures you fight just look so incredibly stupid and as though they were designed by a five year old which is a shame as throughout the game, you see a lot of them. The character customization is also rather limited so you won't have much fun using that. There are vehicles in this game like quad bikes and cars however although they are useful they drive rather stupidly as the physics aren't that great. This mmo, although it does do some things right, the negatives just outway the positives yet somehow I still enjoyed most of my time in it so that's why I've given it a fairly high score still. However not everyone will enjoy their time they spend in it.


Brings back memories about the original

Dagexon | Aug. 25, 2012 | Review of Alice Madness Returns - PlayStation 3

The original Alice game gave many people a different perspective to wonderland, and around ten years later this does the same with the more recent generation. The thing I remembered about the old game was how clunky the controls were but this new Alice game makes me remember more about the freaky platforming adventure game such as how it can still be fun to play as females in video games and how something can be looked at in a different way as when I first read the book, Alice in wonderland when I was little I thought of it as a beautiful and child freindly place but this, and the previous game puts a twist on it. If you enjoyed the original then buy this, if you didn't then buy this as it's better and if you just enjoy adventure games then buy this!


A game without limits!

Dagexon | Aug. 22, 2012 | Review of Hitman Blood Money - PC

This game lets you explore all the levels so freely, you could choose to blow your cover a couple of times in a mission in order to take your targets out quickly or what you could do is (what most people do) try and take out your targets with 100% stealth. This may sound like you only have two options on how to take out your targets but really, that couldn't be further from the truth. You have a wide variety of weapons and an awesome accident system that lets you take out enemies through means that make the kills look like accidents. The only way this game limits you is the fact that it's linear but most games are so don't complain...Now buy it!!!


Finally, a GOOD NFS game

Dagexon | Aug. 7, 2012 | Review of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit - PlayStation 3

The last need for speed game that I actually enjoyed was need for speed hot pursuit as that was just about you, the road and the police, no stupid story spoilt the fun and there were no stupid challenges. This game goes back to that style of game play, i's roots and that's certainly for the best but at the same time it's been improved. You can now free-roam, customise cars and there''s a great multilayer mode where you can challenge your freinds via EA's new autolog system. The police's AI has also been improved since the old hot pursuit game, they set up different types of road blocks and send out different types of cop cars. This game is great fun and if you're having doubts because there's no story I assure you, it was for the best.


More suited for pc

Dagexon | Aug. 7, 2012 | Review of The Sims 3 Pets - PlayStation 3

This game is very good for a simulation, it allows you to create an entire virtual world for you to enjoy. It lets you create families. It lets you create houses. It just gives you so much freedom. The pets though, in all honesty don't do much but that doesn't matter as they're still a pretty cool and fun plus they make you play the game even more making it last longer. I thoroughly enjoyed this game but then, one day I tried the pc version at a friends house, after playing that version where the controls where better suited I found that the PS3 version became less enjoyable. This won't affect my rating though as it's a great game however I recommend that you all get the pc version instead if you have a rig capable enough of handling it, if not then I'm sure that you will still enjoy this version.


Great...but with a few nuisances

Dagexon | Aug. 3, 2012 | Review of Assassins Creed Revelations - PlayStation 3

This game is great, from multiplayer to single player this game will provide tons of fun however, in the single player campaign the ever evolving story and action stealth gameplay comes at a price. In the campaign you will find your self having a few hours of awesome fun wondering around Constantinople however after those few hours you will have to do some annoying and pointless puzzles that just don't seem to fit in the game. These puzzles make the game less fun and in fact in order to have any fun at all you will have to complete them, but trust me, it's worth it. Ezio has a new arsenal of weapons now including the hook-blade that helps out in combat and parkour as well as allowing you to create bombs. This game is short though but that doesn't matter too much as it can still be incredibly fun to just free-roam around the games city. This game is awesome, buy it!


A great start to a great series

Dagexon | Aug. 2, 2012 | Review of Assassins Creed Platinum - PlayStation 3

Many people know and love the assassin's creed series yet many didn't start at the beginning but instead jumped in further on down the line. One of them was me, I considered getting the first game for a long time but only recently did I get it. I thought it wouldn't live up to the standards of the other games but oh boy was I wrong. The graphics are actually more polished than the other games, however, even though it's on a console the can still be the odd texture bugs now and then but I wouldn't worry about that as it's very seldom and from my experience the other games in the series seem to have the same problem, that is if you can call it a problem. This game offers more of a challenge than the others as you have much less life and die more easily, this can be good or bad depending on what kind of gamer you are. The only real negative is that this game offers less freedom than in the other games but the great story line makes up for that.



Dagexon | July 13, 2012 | Review of Saints Row The Third - PC

Sandbox fans get ready for the best game for you guys ever as this is just one of the most crazy and wacky sandboxes ever. A lot of reality has been dropped in this game and that's a good thing in fact it turns out that in this game the wackier the better, and this game is very wacky. You'll have a lot of fun and freedom whilst roaming around steelport's streets and can do a lot however the missions aren't that great and start to feel rather repetitive after a while but that's not a problem as it's the sandbox fun that this game is about so attention all you sandbox fans out there GET THIS GAME!!!



Dagexon | July 12, 2012 | Review of Crusader Kings II African Unit Pack - PC

Now this dlc doesn't do much but if you want a more detailed crusader kings experience then get it. The dlc just makes the African units look more detailed, now this may not sound like a lot but because Africa is a continent and you might spend a lot of time there this dlc just makes that long experience a bit more enjoyable and different to travelling across the other continents. Don't get this if you're not going to spend a lot of time playing crusader kings but if you are then this should be worth while. The reason why I feel this dlc isn't that great is just because in all fairness it should have been included in the full game but if you get past that then it's a good addition.


Best DLC

Dagexon | July 12, 2012 | Review of Crusader Kings II Ruler Designer - PC

This dlc is the best for the game by far as it just gives you so much more freedom (well in who you play as anyway). Because of this dlc you can now create your own payable adventurer and family. This is all very fun however because of the poor graphics it can seem pointless and at the same time make the game seem less historic as it means that you don't play as a historic character if you play as your own but the historic characters will still be in the game which can make it even better as that way you can go and visit a monarch whilst playing as yourself, AMAZING!!! Overall it can make the game more fun and somewhat personal but if you're wanting to keep the game accurate to history then I don't recommend this to you.


Evolution is better

Dagexon | July 12, 2012 | Review of Hacker Evolution Untold - PC

Somehow this game is more difficult than hacker evolution, it might just be me but if you haven't played the other one then don't get this but the other one as that will be a better start to the hacker games. The game has incredibly difficult puzzles that will have you scratching your brain for hours, maybe longer. If you get frustrated and rage quit games then this certainly isn't for you because I don't think you'll even last 15 minutes playing it but if you have a patient attitude and find puzzles and computers fun then this IS the game for you.


The best expansion so far

Dagexon | July 11, 2012 | Review of Anno 2070 The Financial Crisis Complete Pack - PC

This expansion is great because of the new challenging missions. The missions are very challenging and make you think about what the most important structure is to place at a time for you have to try and use as little money as possible. The buildings are also fairly good however they don't do much but then again it is rather fun to be able to make a ridiculously large shopping mall thanks to this dlc. The missions should last you quite a few hours, infact maybe days if you're as terrible at this game as me. If you're looking for dlc for this game then get this one and not the Eden project as this is by far superior.


Adds a bit

Dagexon | July 11, 2012 | Review of Anno 2070 The Eden Project Complete Pack (1) - PC

So far this certainly isn't the best expansion to the game however it can make your cities look far more more beautiful and somewhat flourishing with life. The reason why this dlc isn't that good is because it doesn't do much I would find that it would be a must buy if it were at a lower price as the added buildings are incredibly well designed and they all seem very unique and not at all as if the designs have just taken elements from other fictional buildings yet at the same time all of the new building look similar to each other but that isn't too bad as they still look beautiful. If you're rich and have some spare cash then give this a go but otherwise either wait for it to drop in price or give it a miss.


Pretty useful

Dagexon | July 11, 2012 | Review of Hacker Evolution - PC

This game is surprisingly great as it can teach you the basics of hacking a very entertaining and challenging way. At first I thought OH NO this game probably isn't even going to be worth the install but I was wrong. The game starts of with a very simple tutorial that teaches you the basics however I still managed to fail at it twice, not because it was hard but because I was greedy and attempted transferring £5000 in one go from an offshore bank account which as you can imagine that didn't go down too well. If you are good with computers and want to find out more about them (and how to hack them) then I highly recommend this game.


Cliff hanger

Dagexon | June 20, 2012 | Review of Shadows on the Vatican Act I Greed - PC

I don't want to give away any spoilers but basically your just trying to uncover a conspiracy that contradicts the protagonists faith. Despite the difficult and long point and click puzzles the story moves very quickly which kept me going. If you like point and click adventures then get it however I just liked the story line but found the whole puzzle idea boring but I continued playing just to find out what happens next. I would have been happy if the story finished at the end of the game but it is left on a cliff hanger. I don't want to get the next game if there is one because I don't think continuing the story is worth completing the puzzles but if you enjoy point and click puzzles then this will be a gem especially at the low price.


Fun, challenging but too expensive

Dagexon | June 20, 2012 | Review of Bridge Constructor - PC

The game is very much challenging and has very good physics however at times you may forget how good the physics are when you come across an odd glitch but don't worry it is very rare to come across one and even when you do it doesn't necessarily mess up your game. I've played many hours and I've hardly seen any so seriously don't worry. What is annoying though is the lack of freedom, I just wish you could design your own puzzles by choosing how much cash you have, what materials you have and what cars and trucks you have to get passed. Over all it's a fun game yet repetitive, if you've got spare cash get it if not wait till the price drops.


Just like the board game

Dagexon | April 21, 2012 | Review of Carcassonne - PC

If you've played the board game then, of course you'll know that this is a fun strategic game that makes you think before you make any decisions. If you feel that you've outgrown your real-life opponents then this game is perfect, you can have up to four CPU opponents with varying difficulties, and, if you still want to beat your friends then they can join in too. The great thing about the game is that the map itself is never the same as it changes completely depending on what tiles you put down. If you're new to Carcassone or are wanting to purchase the board game I would reccomend that you purchase this as well because I find that the easiest way to learn the rules of a complicated game is to play against someone who fully understands them and makes no mistakes, and so, who's better to play against than the computer?


Worth something...

Dagexon | April 21, 2012 | Review of Warp - PC

Most of the best selling games nowadays hardly seem unique, although Warp isn't a best seller it certainly is unique. In Warp you play as an odd alien trying to escape captivity from humans, the story line is really thin and I believe it tries to make you feel sorry for the orange alien yet fails to do so because you see him kill many humans in the most gory ways possible. For me there's too much gore, this game could have been child-friendly and sold many more copies by appealing to a wider audience but really, no parent would want there 8 year old child to see so much blood on a screen. I think the that the stealth game play works incredibly well, especially because of the camera angle, if the camera was behind the aliens shoulders or first person then I'm afraid this game would not have been enjoyable at all. The reason why I think the game is so unique is because of the aliens well-thought out powers, I found it fun distracting fat guards with a ghost of myself. This is the reason why the games so fun and I would highly reccomend it.


Repetitive but still fun

Dagexon | April 21, 2012 | Review of Far Cry 2 - PC

Far Cry 2 is a great free roamer, there are over 70 missions (most of them are sides) which, although I've played at least 15 hours, I've still only done 5! I think this game will certainly last me a long time. My biggest fear when buying the game was that I would find it difficult to find a fight yet once I started to get into the game I have found out that this is not a problem. You can't go far at all without bumping into some enemies that are driving along the same road as you or having to pass an enemy outpost. This can actually get annoying after a while but at the same time makes the game harder and longer. Although I love the game I still find one thing incredibly annoying and that one thing is that you can't go so stealthy despite the fact you can have silenced weapons. The game environment is too open and the enemy can see you from a mile away. And even when you do get into an enemy base unnoticed as soon as you kill one person the enemy become very aware that something is wrong despite the fact that they did not see or hear the kill. Although the game is not a stealth game you would still surely expect some stealth elements from an fps. The game environment isn't the biggest for a free roamer yet the fact it's in first person somehow makes the environment seem bigger than it really is. The fact you're in first person almost 24/7 actually makes you feel like your more part of the game despite the fact that the story line isn't so engrossing. And so, to conclude, if you want an fps with many stealth elements then get crysis but if you want a free roamer that'll last you a decade then get this.



Dagexon | April 16, 2012 | Review of Mount Blade With Fire and Sword - PC

Please do not think that all the mount and blade games are bad, Warband is amazing and I'm sure that Mount and Blade 2 which is under way will be too but however With fire and sword does not live up to the standards of Mount and blade Warband. The singleplayer in Warband gave you a huge amount of freedom yet this game did not give you as much. For starters you can't even play as a women (not that I did in Warband though) which is sexist yet the game is set in a sexist society. This is what I did not like about the game, it tried to be more realistic and so it tried to focus a bit more on politics than before so to speak. Warband was set in a bit more of a fantasy land and was not restrained too much by reality yet didn't go over the top and have mythical creatures and all. Don't get me wrong, Warband is still rather realistic but it still isn't RESTRAINED by reality if your following me. We play a video game for fun, not for a realistic experience this is why with fire and sword failed. It was put in a time when firearms where heavily used and for purposes of reality keeps it that way yet for purposes of reality it made the fire arms so inaccurate which makes fights boring as the enemies are always using them but unable to hit you and you are unable to hit them. If you really are desperate to play a mount and blade game with fire arms then please get Warband and find a mod with them (trust me there are many fire arm mods) but don't get this.


Best PVP map

Dagexon | April 9, 2012 | Review of Magicka Lonely Island Cruise DLC - PC

The lonely island cruise map is small which means there's no room for escape. I was not a fan of magicka's pvp as it got very repetitive seeing my brother kept blocking my attacks from a far but with this map that no longer became a problem as he found it hard to keep his distance. This map made the pvp so much more fun as it allowed me to close the gap between the both of us, not by much, but enough for me to start using closer range attacks. Magicka's pvp is not the best by far and unless you have a brother or friend to play it with then you won't get much laughs out of it at all but because I do have a brother it's provided hundreds of laughs and gasps between us.


Deniable ops

Dagexon | April 9, 2012 | Review of Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction - PC

The game has the best story line of the splinter cell games, it puts you in the shoes of Sam Fisher (the same character from the previous games), who is desperate to find his supposedly dead daughter. The story line was what kept me playing the story missions however if the story line wasn't good then I wouldn't have completed the first mission even as the game play really isn't that special in the missions. I wouldn't have stopped playing the game though, I would never stop as the game features a deniable ops mode which you can play with a friend or alone. there are different modes in deniable ops however the best is "Hunter", in this mode take down all the enemies in your area and then move onto the next zone. If you are spotted then more enemies will arrive making it more difficult to complete which encourages stealth game play. You can even make deniable ops your own by changing the difficulty, maps and your weapons. The downside to the game is that it's posing as a SPLINTER CELL GAME WHEN IT IS NOT. The other splinter cell games were based on pure stealth yet this is not. If you were hoping for another entry to the splinter cell serious I wouldn't get your hopes up but if you want a fun 3rd person shooter with a gripping story line then you've found your game.


Look before you leap

Dagexon | April 9, 2012 | Review of Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas - PC

The reason why this review is titled look before you leap is for two reasons: Number 1, because it's an action shooter like few others, it's one where you really have to plan ahead and move into a vantage point before you start a fire-fight and not just run and gun without knowing what your up against. If you do run and gun you'll find that your life will be drained in a matter of seconds as the game does not give you much life, I find this good as it makes it more realistic however others may disagree. Number 2, because many people who have bought the game did not know that it required a lot of strategy and mission planning but thought it was a run and gun. If your like me and prefer games which require mission planning then go ahead, get it, if you were wanting a run and gun then please, don't get this.



Dagexon | April 9, 2012 | Review of Thief deadly Shadows - PC

I had never played one of the thief games before but I thought I'd try it as I have loved other stealth games like splinter cell. The game is definitely worth it as it offers hours upon hours of game time. I have spent more than twenty hours playing it yet I've only really done two main missions as I spent some time free roaming. The free roaming is amazing however the area to free roam in is rather small. Another downside to the game is that the voice acting isn't really top notch and it's almost like there's only 1 or 2 voice actors. For stealth lovers you can't go wrong with your money however if your looking for a free roamer then I would invest your money in far cry 2 or just cause 2, not this