Reviews by Dagon


The Adventures of Unusual Zuma and Hidden Object Game Marriage.

Dagon | April 11, 2011 | Review of Luxor Adventures - PC

The Luxor Adventures is a newest game in the ball-shooting zuma-like Lexor series, this time though the game is more of an classical Hidden Object Game, with pretty nice (for this kind of game) story. So the duo of John and Jane travel back in time to find all the objects that doesn't fit this period. Every few levels though there is a level, with gameplay typical for this series. Over all the game is very nice time killer.


Rome: Total Masterpiece

Dagon | April 8, 2011 | Review of Rome Total War Gold Edition - PC

The game takes us back in time to the ancient world, to the glorious Roman Empire. The player takes command over one of the three roman noble houses, the Julii, Brutii, and Scipii. The gameplay is divided between turn-based strategic map and tactical real-time battles, the gameplay is of course much improved over the previous TW games (Rome & Medieval), the sieges are revamped, there are also now city fights added. This game is a true masterpiece, made by the amazing Crative Assembly team. Although it was published in 2004, the game still looks great and it's gameplay is still amazing.


Underrated gem

Dagon | April 6, 2011 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

When I first heard about the idea of espionage RPG set in the modern world I was excited, but at the same time sceptical (due to it's fresh approach to a genre) about it's commercial success. And it turns out that I was right. The game is very fresh experience in the RPG genre, it offers completely new, timed dialogue system, mission based structure and a lot of choices & consequences. Unfortunetly the game has also a share of it's problems. The minigames are really not fun, the combat system is quite weak and the game is quite bugged. Still the game is great and I think it will be a true classic.