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Genius Masterpiece of Stupidity!

Damodar | May 3, 2013 | Review of Saints Row The Third - PC

Saints Row: The Third is stupid. Really stupid. But that stupidity is the result of an extremely intelligently designed game, with seemingly every facet of the design held to the question of "Is this fun?" This approach of trying to make the game as fun as possible comes through in huge setpiece moments right out of the gate, but is also apparent in smaller, but still very meaningful ways. Sure, you can jack a car by opening the door and pulling the occupant of the vehicle out. There are some great animations to go along with this. But you can also perform a Dukes Of Hazzard style dive through the window (or even windscreen) of the car for a much quicker carjacking that is not only funny, but also subverts several problems usually inherent to the genre. It makes it much easier and faster, putting an end to those situations where the only car in sight escapes while you fumble with the door. It also eliminates any pathfinding woes if the car doors are blocked by something. The game is totally silly throughout, including the characters and storytelling and this actually benefits the impact of the story. Because the cutscenes and dialogue is just as silly as everything you are doing out in the city, it avoids creating a dissonance in the narrative that sometimes appears in openworld games where your actions in the open world clash with the story they're trying to tell. This allows you an easier attachment to the characters which actually lends the story some weight. Clearly, this is a game that had a lot of love and care put in to it and with the tightly focused design, great writing, great visual and sound design, fantastic voice acting and a bunch of fun multiplayer modes, there are hours upon hours of enjoyment to be had here. Strap it on!