Reviews by Damuel


Rage Inducing Fun

Damuel | April 13, 2013 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

This game is freaking hard. It's also really really fun and has a great sound track. Supposedly by the same mind as Binding of Issac, Super Meat Boy is a smash hit. The only major problem I have is the difficulty, it gets really hard, really fast, and (at least where I'm at) there are no check points. With some of the levels being almost a minute long it's very frustrating starting over and over. If there was a lower curve I'd love it, but I've never cursed out loud as much in any other game that I have within 20 minutes of Super Meat Boy. Oh, and don't worry about the gamepad suggestion. The game plays perfectly fine with keyboard, I have no idea why the developers appear to have a fetish for consoles. I've made it very far and done pretty well with a keyboard and actually feel like it's better than with a controller. It's not for the easily angered, but more for the patient players. A bit like hotline miami except less about puzzles and more about memorizing stages.


Pretty Fun Zombie Sandbox

Damuel | April 13, 2013 | Review of Dead Rising 2 - PC

Zombies. In a mall. What's not to love? The graphics are a little dated (even on release they were dated), and the animations are less than stellar, but the game really got he focus on where it needed it. The weapons and the zombies. The game is about proving your innocence in the outbreak, while saving survivors, your daughter, and avoiding being killed yourself. Personally, Off the Record is a better game. It's pretty much this + an expansion + a better main character+a better end game fight. You can't go wrong with either though. The game has a pretty fun co-op mode which lets you take on the campaign with a friend. There's just A LOT of content here and replayability. Personally, I prefer the first game, but since it's not on PC this is a good replacement.


Simply 2D Madness

Damuel | April 13, 2013 | Review of Dead Pixels - PC

The game is alright, it's a simply 2D zombie shooter, it feels like something you might play for free in a flash game website. It has the simple retro graphics and it has simple gameplay which is easy to learn. There's a bit of strategy and planning with the way weight and shops work, but for the most part the game is pretty easy and just a good way to spend mindless grindy hours of killing zombies. If the game had proper online multiplayer support it could be a lot better, but as is, it's an okay but lonely single player survival game.


Great Strategy Game

Damuel | April 13, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown NA POST - PC

Xcom Enemy Unknown is a fantastic addition to the series, it's added new elements and kept many of the fun ones from the originals. New players can join in and appreciate all the cool features and old fans can join in and appreciate a fresh addition to a good franchise. The gameplay is fun and turn based with challenging AI, interesting soldier class/customization, and some thought provoking multiplayer. It's really neat being able to grow attached to marines you have and play through the game with them improving them worrying about losing them forever making a tough decision. The graphics are pretty good. As a strategy game you can pretty much expect it to look a little dated up close, which it does. But top down it looks fine, and it's really cool getting a third person perspective when a npc/player is shooting from cover or sprinting to new cover. The animations are pretty solid and the UI looks sleek though a little tough to navigate. If you're a fan of turn based games, Xcom is a great game that can suck a good amount of hours of your time away.


One of the Better DMCs

Damuel | April 13, 2013 | Review of DMC Devil May Cry - PC

It's not bad at all, the combat is pretty fun and improves a lot on 4. The game still has some of the old humor despite it adding in cursing. The new Dante isn't that bad, unlike the other games he actually has some character progression throughout this one. As someone who would say DMC 1 was his favorite, I would rank this about equal to 3 if not a hair worse where as the 4th was a huge let down and 2 was terrible. The game really isn't longer/shorter than the other DMC games and has moderate replayability. It's also a lot better as far as optimization goes since it's on UE3, the game has a consistent 60fps and plays like butter even on lower end machines. Of course you'll still want a controller for a game like this.


Not bad, could use some polishing

Damuel | April 13, 2013 | Review of Primal Carnage - PC

It's really fun, I was skeptical at first since I hadn't heard much about it, what I had seen was buggy (and the game is indeed pretty buggy) and I usually avoid multiplayer only games. However, I got this on sale for about 4 dollars here at GMG and I've really enjoyed it. There are some serious issues that need to be addressed though. For one, there's absolutely no tutorial and that's incredibly problematic in a game like this. Half the games played have people who keep asking how to fly and eat people, I still have no idea what roaring does. Aiming feels really off. There are some sound issues. And it's extremly hard to find ammo/health across the map since all the players are highlighted the same way. Still, it's dinos vs humans, which is very cool and original, there's plenty of fun to be had.



Damuel | Dec. 29, 2012 | Review of Chivalry - PC

The game is pretty cool with the interesting combat, having small groups of friends charge in and fighting eachother, having an objective to burn down a village, it just feels great. The game is pretty well balanced, though as you might expect ranged players have a huge advantage. The new unlocks are cool but not too unbalanced. There isn't really much incentive to play past the whole, get better as you play more the game has. On the downside of things, the bot AI is pretty awful, with a lot of maps having them get stuck in their spawns. They don't complete objectives, they only attack the first thing in sight. This is a game you'll want to play with friends. The graphics are nice, I believe this game is on the Unreal Engine, it has a few cool shader effects, trees look pretty awful but everything else is nicely textured and modeled for the most part. Overall the game is really interesting and all, but it just doesn't have enough incentive to keep playing, and really relies on you having friends to play with.


Sloppy hack n' slash

Damuel | Dec. 29, 2012 | Review of Devil May Cry 4 - PC

To keep it brief, this game basically was Capcom saying 'We're tired of being successful while maintaining elements that worked. We want to be innovative every time!'. And of course, this made the series fall flat on its face, here, with what is quite easily the second worst game in the series. Removing the main character from the past games, Dante is barely seen here till the second half, where you finally get to play as him... while running through the exact same levels and bosses Nero fights. The new main character, Nero, looks strikingly like Dante, but that's where the similarities end. He has no sense of humor, character development, and is generally obsessed with his girlfriend for the entire game. Nero is by far one of the worst protagonists ever thought of. The devil arm is completely useless for combos, it's only good for boss fights and two of the enemies in the game. His arsenal leaves quite a bit to be desired as well. Graphically, thankfully, the game still looks okay, and has some interesting looking areas, but the level design is shoddy, especially with you literally rerunning half the game with a new character. It just really missed the great feel of the castle from the first DMC game. The story isn't anything interesting, as with the other DMC games the story is hardly the focus here and paying attention to it will only lead to cringe worthy moments and cliches. Thankfully, the game is still a decent hack n' slash/beat em up style game at heart, so if you're really aching for one this will get the job done. On a personal level, I haven't tried DMC3 for the PC, but I'd highly recommend it even if it's a terrible port, over this.


Somewhat of a flop

Damuel | Dec. 29, 2012 | Review of Dishonored Nextway - PC

Not much to say besides the title. The game just kind of... failed... The story is predictable, the graphics are fairly ugly, and the gameplay is utterly broken. Immediately after leveling Blink, the game becomes horribly easy, with you being able to teleport to roofs and areas no enemies will ever be able to see you at. Not to mention being able to escape combat easily. While I normally greatly approve of leaning in games, this would be the first and only example of a game where leaning was a huge mistake. Completely making stealth a joke, you can lean out of cover and no one can see you. Even if your head is sticking out over a foot from the side of a wall and someone is looking directly at you a yard away they will have no clue of you being there. It just feels dumb. Especially when you can lean around corners and use say, the crossbow. Despite the developers trying very hard to make it unique, the game just feels dead. None of the characters have personality, and the awkward facial animations really make moments that should feel touching or sad hard to not break out grinning. And all this adds up to a small amount of content with very little replayability. There really isn't much the game does well besides a few interesting stealth mechanics that are overshadowed by the incredibly stupid new ones.


Failed attempt at something new

Damuel | Dec. 29, 2012 | Review of The Last Remnant - PC

Well, to put it simply, the game is an awful port (not that the console versions are great either) with screen tearing, fps drops, and graphical bugs. Besides those issues, the actual gameplay is somewhat broken. The game has a very interesting combat/party system and can even be quite fun at times, but unlike you'd expect from a RPG, you get punished for grinding here. Which is really the major issue with the game. You have to play the game by organizing your party, and unlike Square's older titles, you can't rely on fighting monsters over and over. Ironically, in titles like final fantasy, the combat with normal enemies wasn't fun, so grinding was a pain. While here, the combat is fantastic, but if you go around fighting everything you'll have a horrible time later on. The actual way the fighting works is kind of difficult to explain because of how different it is, but it's definitely unique though debatable at how polished it is.


Solid FPS

Damuel | Dec. 29, 2012 | Review of The Darkness II - PC

The real shine of this game is the comic book style, it looks very cool and tells an interesting very comic bookish feel story. The graphical style again matches the comic very well. The gameplay is somewhat average. A lot of guns feel wimpy and almost useless. The quad wielding is neat but still needs some work. the darkness is a cool power but it simply feels better to be using your guns to kill people. And a lot of times it's easier to use your weapons. The major cons of the game would be the poor predictable cliche ending and the extreme lack of upgrades. By the end of the game you will have nearly every ability and not feel the need to play through again to unlock the rest. The Darkling gameplay is pretty awful, with repeating the same kill animations over and over and the poor stealth AI system. For the most part though, the game is very enjoyable and the interesting story and characters and little details really help you push through. Sadly, the game ends after about 10 hours and everything but the main story is somewhat mediocre.


Short but Decent

Damuel | Dec. 22, 2012 | Review of Sleeping Dogs (1) - PC

The game is pretty good. It's got awesome melee combat, decent gun fight mechanics, and some alright racing. But underneath all that, the game leaves a bit to be desired. The main story can be completed very quickly, in around 10-15 hours. And the ending was a huge let down and felt very cliche. It's pretty good while it lasts, but a 10 hour open worlded game is kind of... bad. And a lot of the side quests are just flat out awful. Many of them felt like minigames that just kept getting harder or just really felt pointless. For instance, to unlock new melee moves you must find old statues and return them to a martial arts teacher. While this sounds cool and rewarding at first, it ends up being almost a joke with 90% of the statues being in plain site and being placed in the same areas you'll visit during the story. On the plus side, although it's short, you can repeat missions. So if there was a mission you really found enjoyable, you can do it over again, which is nice while in games like GTA and Saints Row you have to start a new game over and work to get to that mission again. The graphics are pretty good, and there's some cool character customization. It's neat that your vehicles stay in your garage without you having to put them back in. It really includes all the good things GTA and Saints Row did and mashes them together. The game is fantastic while you enjoy it... but the experience is so short and ends so flatly you end up feeling a little cheated. There's an extreme lack of content for the game but what's there is mostly all of high quality. It's definitely worth it on sale, but at full retail price the game won't give you your money's worth.


A Big Letdown

Damuel | Dec. 22, 2012 | Review of Homefront - PC

There's kind of a mixed opinion here. The game has an interesting story, but the actual gameplay is pretty shallow. Some people seem to love the story but hate the multi. Others like the multi but hate the story. I wasn't impressed with either. The story is kind of predictable and you don't feel like a part of it. Personally the multiplayer to me feels run and gunish, a lot like a COD clone. There isn't much to like about it, you have unlocks, rewards, big(ish) maps, it just isn't really anything new. The graphics are nice but are poorly optimized for some cards. The real issue with the visuals is that every single level/map feels the same. Same looking environment, same looking buildings, same enemies. And the guns are kind of iffy, some feel incredibly off, whether it's from accuracy or just poor hit boxes. The game drew a lot of hype and controversy, but it turned out to just be another copy and paste shooter.


Gem from the Sega era

Damuel | Dec. 22, 2012 | Review of Jet Set Radio - PC

Though this game is mainly a nostalgia trip, it's still pretty decent for anyone who likes this kind of genre. Imagine it as tony hawk (The good originals) but instead of doing tricks your goal is to reach all the areas you need to spray over. The graphics aren't too bad, though it's obviously not going to look like something released today. The controls are a little floaty, it's not great with a keyboard and mouse, you'll want a controller/gamepad for this one. But otherwise the music and sounds are great. If you were a fan of this on the Dreamcast then you'll probably want to pick this up.



Damuel | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nexway (1) - PC

A very casual RPG, not really worthy of the TES title. It's open world and that's about the only praise I can give it. The level system has been dumbed down to the point that you have 0 thought to put into how you make your character. The quests are all unfun fetch quests without decent rewards. The voice acting is still pretty low. The world is incredibly dull with boring snowy environments and mostly ugly low res visuals. And of course, as a TES game, it's incredibly unstable and prone to crashing and constant save corruption. The story is awful and doesn't make much sense. For instance, you will meet the boss of the main story (a dragon, surprise) within the tutorial, yet, when he does show up, he goes around attacking random soldiers. It's as though he came to kill you, saw some people and has forgotten you're the only person in the universe that can actually harm him. It's as though a middle school student wrote the plot. Buy it if you've never played a RPG before, have low standards, or never played a TES game before. You won't be disappointed. If you want a good solid RPG with character building, this is going to be a major flop. If you came from Morrowind, hold your breathe, it's an extreme drop in quality and quantity from it.