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DanMan64 | April 19, 2014 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines - PC

A horrifying experience of a game. I do not mean the atmosphere (if you like these generic shooters), but how bad this game is. I mean, it's not like Gearbox had to ruin Duke Nukem, but continue with the Alien franchise by putting another nail in its coffin. The game is buggy that I had a problem beating the first level (it wasn't a problem with DNF). Glitches are everywhere and Gearbox couldn't be bothered to fix the issue. Finally, the game alienated everyone with its fake gameplay trailers as if the DNF Gearbox team would use their online degrees to some good use. Don't buy this game unless you are curious or it is bundled with a much better game (I got this with Rome: Total War). If either the two, wait for a price drop to $1-2.