Reviews by Daniel89x


Don't miss it!

Daniel89x | Jan. 29, 2013 | Review of Darksiders (1) - PC

This game was gifted to me from a friend. I told him I dont play this kind of games but he convinced me to give it a try. So I tried it and got surprised by how cool is it, time really flies away when u play this game, because it has a great story, nice gameplay, with many fighting skills and weapons to unlock, challenging boss fights, plenty of hidden collectables and puzzles. All and all for me was a great action game, glad that I didnt miss it, u shouldn't too!


Buy this game, its really worth it

Daniel89x | Jan. 27, 2013 | Review of Dead Island Game of the Year - PC

Another zombie game that I enjoyed. Dead Island has; - a good story with hundreds of side-quests that u can play solo or with 1 to 3 other mates/players. - lots of weapons that u can repair, modify, upgrade - gain xp and level ur characters up to lvl 60 to unlock fighting/looting/etc abilities - nice graphics and bloody melee attacks - achievements and challanges to keep u goin' - endless loot :) So if u are looking for an good adventure-action-rpg game with zombies that has co-op too, this is ur game



Daniel89x | Jan. 27, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

This game is one of my favorite co-op games, spent over 700 hours killing zombies, had a really good time. If u dont have friends that own this game, the community is really great, I made lots of friends. I recommend playn online with friends, its really fun, single player can be really hard for new ones, and its no-fun. You can expect lots of maps, achievements, weapons, updates etc if you buy it.