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Near Perfect Re-release

DanielR | Nov. 19, 2012 | Review of Jet Set Radio - PC

It's an almost perfect conversion of the Dreamcast Classic, nearly all the songs are present and the cel-shaded graphics have aged well and that's good, because the higher resolution isn't that dramatic of an enhancement, also it would have been nice to see some improvement of the control scheme, it's possible to jump and end up grinding where you don't want to, or fail to grind where you intend to, It's most noticeable on Benten where there are walkways and wires where it's necessary to grind to reach tags, pursue rivals or escape the cops. In the other more "open" stages it's does not cause much trouble. Other than that the game is incredibly fun, and the option to make your own graffiti for use in-game is wonderful, just try to play with a gamepad to minimize control issues.