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A very good story

Danielpf1 | Dec. 29, 2014 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

The wolf among us will lead you into a story that is both refreshing and familiar. It gives you all the fairy tale characters you know but puts them in a urban envirement. It is quite the interesting idea to have a prince live in small apartment. The art style of this game is different from the other telltale games and helps sell the uniqueness of this game as well. It looks good and fits the story Game mechanic wise, it is very basic. A point and click with quick time events, however it fits the main purpose of this game, the story. If the idea of fairy tale characters in the real world isnt interesting enough to convince you of this game. You should know that the story is a really good whodonit kind of game, complete with all the obvious but also small (and easily missable) small hints. Looking back, you can figure out how to murderer works, however you will most likely miss it untill the game tells you. Since I dont want to spoil, I leave it at that. The main characters is well designed and you will slowely start to like him. He does go through some character progress, however an other character changes way more. Small note: This code does not redeem on steam, just in case that is important to you


Killing orcs, decent story, and killing more orcs

Danielpf1 | Nov. 1, 2014 | Review of Middleearth Shadow of Mordor - PC

Let me start with the story. It is decent, not surprising but has some deep layers which cannot be discussed without spoiling the stories. Beside that it is you standard revenge story. However that is not the strong suit of the game. The combat system is the meat of this game, with its superb implemented arkham fighting style and great executions moves it stays fun just to roam around getting into huge fights and eventually end up dead generation a new nemesis which you are compelled to go after. You either hate it, or love it depending on your opinion of the fighting system. As an arkham veteran I fell in love with this game from the start. Besides that, looks good even on an older pc (4 gb ram and gtx 550 40 fps on low). Maybe not worth 50 bucks however with all the 25 percent voucher it is well worht it


Doesn't live up to its prequel, but decent on its own

Danielpf1 | Nov. 1, 2014 | Review of Dragon Age 2 EU - PC

Everybody has heared of the black sheep among the bioware RPG's. However it is not that bad. DA:O was (IMHO) in the top ten of best PC games every made, and dragon age 2 had a lot of expectations to meet. Let me start of with the things that are good about this game. First of all the story is still good and has quite some throwbacks at dragon age origins, for instance Merril showed up as a companion and the whole dalish clan from the dalish origin showed up in this game. Anders also returned from awakening. Besided that it seems to be the bridge between DA:O and DA:I. THe second thing concerns the combat system, it is more fancy and feels more responsive however later on in the game, when the new wore off, it became just a waiting game. Now the bad things. Far less loot/gear, sometimes the game take you loot away by initiating a cutscene. Companions dont interact with you anymore as they did in DA:O. Way easier then the first game even on higher difficulties. Quite short for a RPG. However if you never played origins or just you just forget about origins and treat it as a stand alone or different game in the same universe, it is acutually decent. TL:DR: If you haven't played origins: decent game with interesting story If you played origins: Better fighting, still good stories /w throwbacks. Only if you treat it independently of origins


A must play in everyones book

Danielpf1 | Nov. 1, 2014 | Review of Dragon Age Origins EU - PC

This game is everything you expect from bioware and more, it offers solid game mechanics, interesting main character/origin story, amazing universe/companions/story telling and as you would expect numerous choices without a clear difference between the right and wrong desicion. Mechanically it is everything you expect from a RPG. Full character customization, your standard classes, (warrior, rogue and mage), three different races with at least 2 different backgrounds each. The game contains a lot of loot, strong enemies and has a good varity in what it throws at you. The story has some plot twist and allows you to determine if the plot twist actually occurs etc. TL:DR If you are interest in an amazing story and solid gameplay and have 5 bucks to spend, then this is a must have


Decent, may drag on at the end

Danielpf1 | Aug. 7, 2014 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified - PC

If you have never played a Xcom game, like me, this might be a good game to get you interested in the franchise. To be clear, this game is a third person shooter and not a TBS. However it gives a lot of background to the other XCOM games and shows the first invasion by the outsiders. The story of this game is interesting enough for the 8-10 hour experience. It has rather good plot twists and interesting enough characters, but it contains some plot holes you might want to look up afterwards. Furthermore, the story is decent, not incredible but its not your standard alien invasion story. The gameplay is another story as this game is a third person shooter. First of all it does contain a FOV-slider, which is really nice since the base FOV is 75. The combat itself is serviceable but not great, the cover system is a bit clunky and the AI sidekicks tend to get themselves killed in the most hard to reach places if you dont order them into cover. The ability system works fine, much like mass effects system, however a bit slower. The weapons are good, however the alien weapons are just an upgrade to the human weapons, as soon as you get access to one, you can forget about the human version. The alien weapons are just better, without being worse in some respect.


A beautifull game and a grim story

Danielpf1 | Aug. 6, 2014 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

This game has one of the better stories among the games released in 2012. It starts you off as captain Walker, accompanied by two squad mates which keep making silly jokes. First you will notice that this game looks astonishing. In my opinion it achieves battlefield kind of graphic quality without tanking on your pc (pay attention to your shadow, its just the best). Secondly the story will pretty much grab you as you try to discover what happend in dubai, with good plot twists and excellent writing. The character develepment troughout the game if phenomenal and makes you want to keep playing to see how things develop. But its the brutality of war that makes this game special. For once this isn't a game that praises the militairy like COD en BF, it shows the devestation it leaves and what it does to the best people. Forcing you to take certain actions and fighting American soldiers while civilians move around the same room, makes you wonder if what you are doing is fine or not. You will never feel entirely happy about what you are doing, but you have to do it just to survive. TL DR: Good graphics, interesting story which doesnt praise the militairy or war, but shows the dark side, and pretty decent combat system


Only if you get hooked

Danielpf1 | Aug. 4, 2014 | Review of Brothers A tale of Two Sons - PC

After hearing a lot of good comments and seeing all the hype surrounding this game, I decided to check it out. After playing the game to completion I was left with a weird feeling, I didnt think this game was special in any respect other then the different controls. Let me elaborate. When starting the game I noticed one thing, the whole story depends on non spoken cutscenes, which is great since it makes you engage the story on a whole other level then you normally would. The graphics also help in this regard since it has a very good looking graphical style and never really gets boring or repetative. The story as well is decent enough, nothing spectecular but also not modern FPS bad. It has its (predictable) plot twists and decent ending, however not entirely unsurprising. Now to the part why I think this game isnt that great. First of all the length of the game, its only 2 hours long, even if you mess around with other stuff, trying to get the achievements and things. Normally this wouldnt be a problem, if the gameplay was really good and fun, which brings me to the second problem. After roughly 20 minutes you have seen everything there is to see about the mechanics. Yes some stuff gets introduced later on, but if you dont like the way the game handle after 20 minutes, you might as well quit. Its not that the mechanics are bad, its just that they are overcomplicated (appareantly on purpose), just that they get repetative after a while. And since your actions dont do anything special, just lifting carts or climbing ladders, it gets really dull after a while. Also the puzzles in the game are not to complicated. Usually I like this, since I hate puzzle games, but I do like a bit of challenge, which this game is lacking. So overall. It just comes down to taste. I wouldnt recommend buying this game based upon any review or first impressions video, just watch the first 20 or so minutes on the internet and then decided if its worth it. Because if you dont get hooked, it turns out to be just another game that does something a little different, which last 2 hours and leaves you with a somewhat preditable story,