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Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion

DanilaMaster | March 16, 2013 | Review of Q U B E - PC

Q.U.B.E. is a brain twisting puzzle game that lets you extrude blocks to progress in the level. It is heavily inspired by Portal and has an intriguing albeit very brief story. The game is very atmospheric with its sense of solitude and isolation, minimalistic level design (similar to the sterile test chambers of Portal), dynamic lighting effects and ambient sounds. The pacing of the game is great. The puzzles are well thought out and don't get frustrating or boring. Overall, Q.U.B.E. is an amazing experience. If you liked Portal, you totally should check out Q.U.B.E.


A samurai wizard? Yes!

DanilaMaster | June 3, 2011 | Review of Magicka Nippon DLC - PC

Magicka: Nippon DLC adds new items to the popular action-adventure video game Magicka. The DLC includes a Kimono robe and a straw hat, a Katana that cuts through armor and is called "Yawarakai-Te" (which means "Tender Hands" and refers to a legend of Japan's greatest swordsmith Masamune), and a Bamboo Staff called "Staff of Endurance" that increases the player's resistance to all elements. The Staff of Endurance is a powerful asset (especially for the upcoming free PvP update) and your wizard looks cool in the new outfit, so you can brag to your friends or choose a black Kimono and pretend that you are a ninja. This DLC is worth its tiny price, although I think that a new Magick would make this DLC even better.