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Darawnal | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Brutal Legend - PC

Tim Schafer and Jack Black takes you to a world filled with metal! You need this. You need this game at least in some part of your life. The world, the soundtrack and the characters are the best parts in this game; the world is highly detailed with awesome metal memorabilia, soundtrack rocks your metal heart out and characters make you laugh almost at every turn. The bad points in this game are somewhat awkward keyboard controls (which can be solved with Xbox 360 controller) and the not-so-great RTS parts. This game is filled with very stupid RTS parts, but you will prevail them if you have enough metal inside of you. The game itself is very solid. Hack-and-slashy parts work like they should, RTS-parts (at least try to) work like RTS' should and driving is satisfactory. You seriously need to buy this if you love humor, Jack Black and/or metal music.


One of the best party-games

Darawnal | June 19, 2013 | Review of Trials Evolution Gold Edition - PC

Imagine this: you're in a LAN-party, everybody has gotten tired of any kind of shooters and RTS' and nobody has anything different games. Then somebody says, "Well I got Trials Evolution on my PC". That is the moment when magic happens. Trials Evolution is a must-have. It was bloody awesome on Xbox 360 and it is bloody awesome on PC. Get this game, grab 4 controllers, invite your friends and fire up those motocross cycles (and probably booze it up). Pros: + Funnier than a clown car accident in Berlin + User generated levels (in ridiculous scale) + 4-player motomadness + Worth of your time and money Cons: - Takes up surprisingly much GPU, probably due poor porting from Xbox 360 to PC