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Dario1902 | Dec. 6, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition (1) - PC

Guild wars 2 is really something different than other mmorpgs out there. First account I bought was in January, I encountered "problem" at the beginning not being able to pick race/profession because all seemed awesome. Picking first profession I started playing game and the more I played the more I was amazed. Since I came from different type of mmo (World of Warcraft) I was sceptical how will this work with so "little" skills I have to use. As I played I learned everything, from blast combos, questing, activities and all that on my own so when we talk about learning curve this game has very beneficial learning curve for new players. When I first time encountered World boss (pretty early in game around lvl 15) I had goose bumps, because one moment I was doing some caravan escort with other players in starting zone not expecting anything to happen, next moment you see something HUGEEEE appearing and we are all running there, literally there was 50-80 ppl doing the world boss event. Game is really amazing, although at some point you will feel bored since there is no actual end game content everyone is used to in other mmos. Game constantly gets updated and most of all, game developers actually read feedback from their users making game better. Like all games this one is not perfect either, there are things that can be annoying, depending on play style, since recently arena net made some changes making this game less casual as they promoted it. Bottom line is, there is plenty of stuff to do and get you involved, from amazing PVE content to legendary WwWwW fights that involve over hundred people and of course competitive PvP in arena that everyone is familiar with, this game will definitely keep you occupied for more than 1000 hours of gameplay, I know it did me.