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Crazy Fun!

DarkSparda | Jan. 13, 2015 | Review of Tales from the Borderlands - PC

As many of us know that Borderlands series are fucking great. Some just looks at graphics and consider this game a third class game. But once you play this game you become a fan of it. This game is super fun. You have different characters choice, with totally different skill tree. Each amazing skills and one main active skill. Story line is great and pretty long, even if you skip side missions. My Recommendation: Play them game with XBox Controller and few friends.


Killer Game!!

DarkSparda | Dec. 26, 2014 | Review of Castlevania Lord of the Shadows Ultimate Edition - PC

Oh my God! I am a big fan of Vampires/Dracula. I really enjoy series/movies/games made on Vampires. Had played few such games and enjoyed few of them. But this game is epic, full of action. Epic action and combat. Let forget about graphics for a minute. This game is one of it's kind. Fantastic story/gameplay. For me it's the game of the year. If you like games like Devil May Cry, then this is a game for you. After playing this game you would forget about other games. This game would give you a really good time. Note: This game is not for Faint Hearted. If you can take the heat then play this game. It's going to be the best games you had played so far. Regardless of few bugs in the game.


Worth Playing

DarkSparda | Dec. 26, 2014 | Review of Resident Evil 6 - PC

I had played this game like hell and I must say it was fun. Would not be saying that this game has fantastic graphics, graphic are good, but could be better. What actually matter is game-play and storyline. Story is quite good and interesting. Has pretty long storyline for multiple characters. Yeah that's right, you won't be getting rid this game soon :p. Now lets talk about game-play. Well well well it's full of action, fantastic controls and lots of fun. This game would engage you for hours and you would actually enjoy it. I almost forgot about boss fight. Boss fights are really fun, trust me you would enjoy them. Last time I would say is, Play and Enjoy!


Total Fun

DarkSparda | Dec. 15, 2014 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

Had played this game over 3 times (To the end of the story). And I must say that, this game is total fun. Full of action and fun. Graphics are OK, but in game like these gameplay matters. Original story line and hell of fun. You may find some bugs in the last mission. But overall I will say 8.5/10. You shall also play this game at least once. When you do play I will suggest you to play as RANGER.


Epic game

DarkSparda | Dec. 15, 2014 | Review of Middleearth Shadow of Mordor - PC

I am a big fan of Assassin's creed series. But I must admit this game experience was better then that of assassin's creed. Awesome graphics and gameplay.StoryLine is great. This game gives you a one man army feeling. Lots of skills and tactics to learn. As the game progress you can create your own army, isn't that awesome. A must play game, believe me you won't regret buying this game.


Awesome Game

DarkSparda | Dec. 7, 2014 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

Bioshock Infinite is a pretty awesome game, with good graphics. Gameplay is good. But if you are religious mind, then you may don't want to play this game, as it may drive you crazy. Story line is great!. This game will give you fun time. I am a big fan of Bioshock series. It's worth buying, try it and you won't regret it.


A must play part!

DarkSparda | Aug. 7, 2014 | Review of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Deluxe Edition UPLAY - PC

This the best part of Assassins creed for me. Great graphics and gameplay. What I like about it is Sailing in the Sea, have your own ship. make your ship ultra powerful, go to defeat legendary ships, capture forts and so on. Using dual swords is so much fun. In this part action is also improved by a lot. But one downside you can't recuiret assassins in this part! Everything else is great!


Best Series!

DarkSparda | Aug. 7, 2014 | Review of Hitman Blood Money Steam - PC

Entire Hitman Series are full of fun. If you love to be stealthy and sneak up to people, then this game is meant for you. Its not only about sneaking around, its has so much more. You can go into open conflict, drug/poison people, use sniper to hunt down your targets, use C4 charges and grenades. Hitman series had always great graphic and gameplay. Its a must play game!


Pretty Good Horror Game

DarkSparda | Aug. 6, 2014 | Review of Pineview Drive - PC

Pineview Drive is a fine horror game, with good graphics and sound quality. Pineview Drive is a horror survival game, in which you had to survive to 30 in-game days, and believe me its not an easy task. Its a quite tough game. You would be forced to explore house in total darkness, it would be wise if you find a flashlight. This game contains some bugs, but still its a fine game!


Great Game

DarkSparda | July 22, 2014 | Review of GRID Autosport NA Post - PC

Its much better than the previous part. Graphics are great, GRID series has always been great. I like how we can see cars from inside. Drifting is great. Overall and awesome game!


Fine Game!

DarkSparda | July 22, 2014 | Review of DARK SOULS II Season Pass NA - PC

A sequel that is actually better than the original! Combines elements of Dark Souls and Demon Souls to produce a better game. This game graphics are average, doesn't have good graphical effects but fortunately if your a Dark Souls fan that this does not matter much. You may Like it as well


Dark Souls Is Amazing!

DarkSparda | June 25, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls II NA Post - PC

Dark souls 2 gets a ton of stuff right.It is definitely more accessible than the first dark souls but that's not because they turned down the difficulty.You will still die from careless falls,seemingly dead enemies,bosses who destroy you because of one mistake Dark Souls ll is one of the best games I've ever played in my entire life. I love the fact that you start off as a weak, pathetic character who has basically nothing and is thrown in a world you know little about. Dark Souls Is Amazing!


This game is Amazing

DarkSparda | June 25, 2014 | Review of Wolfenstein The New Order POST - PC

Great gameplay, easy mechanics, cool tools.Best value in a game for this year.The story is surprisingly amazing. Story is set in an alternate reality 1960s Earth, the Third Reich has won World War II and taken over the world. Only one man could possibly stand against the new mechanical might of the Nazis and he is William. This game will make you want to stay in this Nazi world just because of how much fun you can have in it. The graphics are sublime!


Bully Review

DarkSparda | Feb. 10, 2014 | Review of Bully Scholarship Edition Steam - PC

bully: scholarship edition is a great sequel to bully on the ps2. the new add-ons are pretty baller. the 8 new missions are fun. the multiplayer mode is ok. its not really that fun, unless you and a friend are really bored. the new classes give you more things to do besides missions. the new characters are fun to use. overall this game is a great sequel. this game is for the person who likes GTA without all the blood, drugs, and guns. i recommend this game to anyone who is a GTA fan. i recommend this for someone who got the 1st bully. the story line goes like this. you are a troubled teenager named jimmy hopkins. his mom goes on a year long honeymoon. he goes to bullworth academy. you go around and complete mission, go to class, and complete jobs for people. it has the same kinda story line as GTA. you have to earn the respect of all the cliques.


Sid Meier's Civilization® V Review

DarkSparda | Feb. 10, 2014 | Review of Civilization V Complete - PC

Its a great game overall but its just missing something. No more extra strategy like, do i want to be the first to create a religion, or do i want to create a massive army first? The tech trees are so balanced that no matter which way you go youll always be balance with other civs unless your about 4 techs ahead of them. Not to mention the fact everybody is going to try to kill you, even if you are allies, its curious as to why there arent really any allies in this civ. But if you prefer the total war kind of strategy this is perfect for you. Im just waiting for gods and kings which will hopefully expand the games content massively as its said to do. Re-adding religion and espionage. The game itself is awesome. So many things that you can do and ways to do them but lack of strategy is definitely in this game.


Worth Buying

DarkSparda | Feb. 10, 2014 | Review of Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition - PC

Injustice god among us a great fighting game when it comes down to multiplayer and single player fighting but unfortunately the gameplay is nothing new it is quite similar to that of 2009's mortal kombat,the story and the gamplay mechanics are quite similar to that of mortal kombat. Unfortunately the story is not so long and is yet very disappointing but the game is highly addictive when it comes to playing with friends but for single players the story is not good and playing against the computer is not so fun. I gave it a rating of 80/100 because of great multiplayer and high end graphics of ps3 but the game is super addictive and makes you play it with your friends and make it just feel good about playing as the justice league. overall the game is worth playing and I think everybody would think about green lantern facing doomsday injustice delivers that kind of fun and is worth buying.


Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 review

DarkSparda | Feb. 8, 2014 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 - PC

This is much more of a stealth game than its FPS brethren, which is neat, save for the fact that the game has already had a couple of egregiously spaced-out checkpoints. Last night I lost about 10 minutes of progress several times over, passing one outpost and dying at the next, only to restart before the first. With a game this unforgiving, the lack of a quick save option is annoying.The sniping is fun, as far as it goes, as long as you don't move too far outside of the prescribed way of doing things. In the first few scenarios, I covered a group of my special forces bros as they moved through a series of buildings. They'd call out targets, and I'd take them down. It was fun, if very linear so far the game has mostly felt like a shooting gallery, albeit an enjoyable one.When you're not escorting a group of teammates from on high, the sniping challenges get more interesting you're alone, and have to take out an outpost of dudes without any of them seeing the others go down. That means you'll have to think about the enemies' line-of-sight, and pick off dudes in the right order. The AI is hardly realistic whether or not they were immediately visible, I'd think a guy would notice if his entire team suddenly became dead. If you alert an enemy to your presence, his friends will also go on alert, but they'll mostly just sit still behind cover and wait for you to kill them. Occasionally, they'll rush your position, but mostly they'll just sit still. That said, the general setup of these scenarios is pretty fun, and lends a puzzle-like quality to the challenges.


They should have called it-Island Raider

DarkSparda | Feb. 8, 2014 | Review of Tomb Raider GOTY - PC

I have been Tomb Raider fan since time immemorial. This Tomb Raider reminds me back of the roots of the game in 1996. You can spend a lot of fun time while playing it. Sometimes this game reminds me of the Batman series. However, there is not a lot to choose as you play this game. It is prettly linear. The creators also managed very well to put RPG element in the game though it is not meant to be RPG at all. The action survival mode is quite engaging, but shooting and sneaking elements are not inventive. Although the story of the game is immersive it doesn't offer new elements to already similar game stories in the past. And thank God they put tombs to raid. It is of no coincidence that the game is called-Tomb Raider. This time they should have called it-Island Raider. I think that in some moments the actress that plays Lara has struggles in reading the script! All in all, good work guys! Wonder how will Lara look in the next-gen consoles!