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Fun to play online!

Darkyoshi1935 | Aug. 27, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil 5 - PC

It's a really great game , And I loved to have it and play it with my friends 4 players in versus mode , it was so much fun to kill each other just like a Half Life game. Also the story it's great , the part where Jill is still alive , and you have to fight her , It's everything awesome , except the part where Wesker dies.. , I loved wesker a lot and I did not wanted him to die , but okay , The AI plays ok in this RE , and everything is fine for me , I don't find this game scary anymore , I find it fun to play it with friends. And that's ok too. But I wish they would make another one but a survival horror one , not a fun shooter game... Anyways. If you like killing zombies and having a lot of fun with your friends , you should try this game now! :D