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Read this to get the most out of Thief Gold!!

DarthMRN | Feb. 11, 2014 | Review of Thief Gold - PC

Thief Gold is perhaps the best Stealth title you will ever play. If it is beaten, it is only by its successor Thief 2, and there is simply no consensus on which is better. You are placed in a huge, open-ended level with enough verticality, depth and complexity that you can can and will get lost in it. Multiple paths to your objectives. A host of trick arrows and tools, along with a climbing system sophisticated enough to let you climb and jump on pretty much anything, lets you tackle this non-linear level however you choose. The possibilities are endless, and the replay value great. Each such level is connected by beautiful narrated openings, strung along into a series that starts slow, but builds into a gripping and occasionally frightening storyline that you are unlikely to ever forget. However, my fellow reviewers have said all there is to say about this game already, so the above core features aside, here is why mine is an essential review: The game has two flaws to a modern player: Graphics and climbing physics. The former is obvious and to be expected, the latter simply an annoyance that mars and otherwise stellar game. But there is a remedy. Mods. The first mod is TFix, which is *essential*. Do not try without it. It fixes the graphics a little, but more importantly fixes the climbing, turning this game into a primitive Mirror's Edge. Along with some stability fixes for modern systems. The second is the Thief Gold HD Mod. Not essential per se, but even fans who played on release must admit the game looks pretty bad by today's standards. With the HD mod, however, it looks positively gorgeous! If your only reason to stay away are the ugly screenshots, here is your remedy. Doesn't require a monster PC either, like some HD mods do. Buy! You will not regret it, if you like simulation or stealth in your games.


One of the best stealth games to this very day.

DarthMRN | Dec. 9, 2013 | Review of Thief II The Metal Age - PC

Superb steampunk victorian/medieval stealth. You are dropped into a freeform open level with countless nooks and crannies to explore, and tons of ways to get through the mission. Climb on all objects like some primitive Mirrors Edge. Make sure to download NewDark for sharpened graphics and physics (important for climbing, which is weak by default). Use a variety of tools and weapons to make your way through. Including rope arrows which permit you to climb a rope onto any wooden surface. Less horror and undead than in Thief 1, and more break-ins and burglaries, making it less faithful to its roots in that regard, but more focused towards traditional thievery. Slightly less atmospheric too. Still, if you are a stealth game fan you owe it to yourself to buy this one.


The weakest of a great series

DarthMRN | Oct. 12, 2013 | Review of Thief Deadly Shadows Steam - PC

As part of the Thief series, Deadly Shadows is a superb stealth game, no question. One of its time's AAA titles, it is pretty, polished and thorough. Sound and voice work are some of it's best assets. Gameplay is good enough to at least compete in the same league as the other Thief games, though not much more. It also features one of the best missions in the entire series, which is also one of the scariest levels in gaming. However, compared to its predecessors, it is lacking in a number of ways: Levels are small and cramped, with annoying loading zones in every mission to accomodate its silly Xbox version. While there are still multiple paths to your objective, the reduced size of the levels still take a toll on freedom. The story, while as decent as any, is presented in a subpar way, and does nothing better than demystify what should have been left mysterious. Physics is wonky. Swordplay has been reduced to hit and run dagger attacks. Knockouts have been made context sensitive rather than freeform. Rope arrows and the freedom they entailed have been removed. The beautiful cutscenes are at their weakest. The addition of a physical body for Garrett make the controls kinda odd. Garrett also looks the worst he ever did. All of that said, Deadly Shadows is a good game, it just pales in comparison to its elder brothers. It is pretty much mandatory playing if you like the older games, if only to experience the story's conclusion. Just know going in that if you like the Thief series, the best is behind you once you play this one.