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Nice games, Terrible PC ports!

DarthSidious | Aug. 10, 2012 | Review of Dreamcast Collection - PC

As a Dreamcast lover, i had to buy these games i already played some years ago. Unfortunately this experience is ruined by a poor port. The Steam version is plagued by an issue with the configuration tool that doesn't save settings. [You can browse for a fix in the Steam forums]. The PC ports in this collection are awful: the max resolution supported by these games it's 1280x720 (Sonic Adventure runs even lower in a small screen with purple (?!) borders)... Crazy Taxi doesn't have the Original Soundtrack (Offspring, Bad Religion) and the steering with the analog is somewhat emulated (not real analog steering like the Dreamcast original game). I can hardly recommend this, unless you're a "real" Dreamcast fan, and if you don't care about the issues i mentioned!