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Childhood Memories Combined

DazeOfWar | Feb. 16, 2014 | Review of LEGO Marvel Superheroes NA - PC

My favorite childhood pastime toy combined with my favorite reading adventures leads to a nerdgasm of enjoyment. I mean really who doesn’t love LEGO or super heroes? Playing with many of my favorite heroes in LEGO form to battle it out with many great supervillains and lead to a giant battle with Galactus is just a dream come true. LEGO Marvel is another great addition to the LEGO game franchise that deserves its recognition. The game features 155 different characters to unlock, 26 levels to play through, and a huge New York City to wonder around in. You also have the standard gold bricks and red bricks to find too. There’s plenty here to take up many hours of your time to complete 100%. The story is about Galactus coming to Earth to devour it like in the old Fantastic Four story. Silver Surfer is shot down when he was scouting the planet and the supervillains are trying to use his cosmic power to take over. You’ll battle through 15 different levels for the main campaign which will take place in places like the Baxter Building, Latveria, and the Savage Island just to name a few. There are 11 levels you can access after collecting the right amount of gold bricks to unlock them. These are mini missions to play where you find the red bricks and some of the characters to unlock. Voice acting wasn’t too bad in the game and it also had plenty of goofy LEGO humor to go along with it. The gameplay is pretty much the same as other LEGO games but the characters are pretty good with using their abilities and fighting skills each in their own unique way. Thor fights with his hammer for melee and calls down lighting to power up certain objects or even shoot enemies or Spiderman who shoots his webbing, has a spider sense for hidden objects, and swings around on his webs. I really enjoyed playing through the levels and playing in the open world of NYC but it did become a chore finding everything. Especially the races you had to do to get some of the gold bricks which would become frustrating and annoying. Most of the game ran fine but I did run into a few bugs. Sometimes I couldn’t pick up objects I needed, I’d get stuck on stuff, or couldn’t get NPC’s to do what they were supposed to do. I even had the game crash on me a couple times. Even with these items I still had a great time playing and they never really took away from the experience. If you have enjoyed playing the previous LEGO games and enjoy Marvel comics this is a great game to play. It did feel a little more refreshing and not like every other LEGO game before but it is still a LEGO game so don’t expect a world changing game. Just enjoy it for what it does and have fun. It may bring back childhood memories and can even be fun playing with the kids if you have any.


To Hell and Back

DazeOfWar | Jan. 14, 2014 | Review of The Darkness II Overflow - PC

I’m Jackie Estacado and I am the host for the Darkness. It’s a rough life fighting it from taking me over completely but man does it have some sweet powers. There has been some bad consequences though like losing the love of my life Jenny. I’m dealing with that and now some brotherhood wants to take the Darkness from me. Not going to happen on my watch. In the Darkness II you are still suffering from the loss of Jenny from the first game. You have held the Darkness at bay for a while but now some group called the Brotherhood wants to take it from you using a device called the siphon which will suck the Darkness out of you. Well you aren’t going to let this happen because it’s just bad news for everyone. There are a variety of ways to play through the levels fighting the Brotherhood. You can quad-wield now unlike the first game which gives you options like rip a car door off and use it as a shield while still being able to carry two guns and whip people with you other Darkness tentacle. Special executions can be done by grabbing an enemy with the tentacles, while he is stunned, and rip them apart for more health or ammo. You can also upgrade your powers via a skill tree wheel to add more possibilities like an execution that makes a shield from the enemy or had a Darkness swarm which stuns enemies for a short time. Unlike the first game you only have one Darkling to help you but he has more of a personality than before. He adds a little humor to everything which lightens the dark mood a bit. Guns are your standard fair ranging from pistols, smgs, assault rifles, and shotguns. You can upgrade you guns to buy adding bigger clips, faster reloads, and shooting Darkness essence through them. The game does look good most of the time with its comic book pastel art style. Environments seemed to be pretty bland though and felt like I was just going through a reskinned map each level. Enemies were also basic with pretty much the same five skins all the time. Story wise I wasn’t too impressed and sometimes felt like I was just pushing forward to finish the game so it was no longer in my backlog. I just felt like it was just missing something the whole time. The endings, there are two choices, were both mediocre and not fulfilling. Expected a bigger finish than it was. You can replay it again in new game+ which lets you keep all your unlocked powers. I just didn’t feel the pull to do it though. Darkness II also has a co-op campaign mode called Vendetta you can play with up to four players. It’s basically a side story to the campaign where you can control your choice of four different characters who have their own special Darkness powers. All these characters also have skills you can upgrade to make them more powerful. There is another mode you can pick through Vendetta called The Hit List which is basically shorter missions using the Vendetta campaign levels. Both these modes are cool to play with some friends but doesn't really add much to the game. Overall if you’re a fan of the comic and enjoyed the first Darkness then you’ll want to check this one out. It could have been much more without the co-op stuff and just focused on the single player portion of the game but it is still a decent game to play.


A Great Beginning

DazeOfWar | Jan. 1, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

I sit on the edge of a building looking down on some criminals on Christmas Eve trying to learn the whereabouts of the Black Mask. These guys don’t have much of a lead but they are up to no good so first I need to drop down and do a little training on a few faces. Origins is the third game from the new Batman series but takes place before the last two. You are basically in the early years of being the bat. You’ll get to see some of the first encounters with some classic villains from the Batman stories we all love. Black Mask has put a $50 million bounty on Batman’s head and you now get the fun and excitement of dealing with all the villains who want that money. Not all is what it seems as you are soon to find out after a little progression and discovery. The games graphics look about the same as AA & AC. Which is a good thing because I love the looks of the characters and environment. I did notice the lip syncing to be off sometimes but no problems there. Voices were all great like usual and I love the music specially the darker tone Christmas stuff. Gameplay is what you expect from the last two games. Use your predator skills for silent takedowns which is always fun. Gadgets galore to use at your disposal. Like the new glue grenades to immobilize an attacker for a short time, or a gun which shoots a wire across to anchor points to be used as a zip line or tight rope. You can also use it to hook criminals to objects or each other. Many fun times with that one. Other gadgets are your typical batarangs, grappling hook, explosive gel, and some others from the previous games. There’s plenty to do in Gotham this time around with some side stories like Anarky, Deadshot and a few others. Small crimes you can solve which is now done with a cool feature were you can see a reenactment of the crime to discover what happen. A pretty cool feature and should be expanded on later down the line. Then there are the Riddler challenges again, which are just small packages you find throughout the city. Not as cool as the Riddler challenges from the previous game but it does give a little change. Now the combat is what Rocksteady had perfected in the last two games and really made it exciting and fun to get into fist fights with your enemies. It was so fluid and fast and just beautiful to pull off some amazing moves. I’m not sure what happen but WB Montreal seem to screw up the system. Counters don’t seem to work many times and the fighting just did not feel as balanced as usual. It was disappointing and aggravating at times but I still had a blast playing. Batman: Arkham Origins is a wonderful game to play and a great addition to the Batman franchise even despite its small flaws and some bugs I encountered. Like the red screen bug you get when entering the GCPD. Your screen turns red when you enter the rooftop door and then your PC restarts after like 10 seconds. An easy fix as you just have to put the game into windowed mode before entering and you can then go back full screen after that. Just be careful though because one downfall I got was after I beat the game and was almost finished with all side missions I forgot about this bug and got the red screen. When I restarted everything up again I had lost the last 7 hours of gameplay and all my completion stats. Luckily for me I had finished the game before this happened. If the little issues don’t scare you away then pick this up and enjoy the great Batman story and fun.


Shot Down Behind Enemy Lines

DazeOfWar | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Ace Patrol Pacific Skies - PC

I was a rookie pilot just getting my wings on a mission to shoot down enemy Japanese planes. My maneuvers were weak and so was my aim. I shot down a few but was lost a little later behind enemy lines. Next up came my partner who seemed to fair better but unlucky for him he was terrible too. One by one what was once a total of four slowly became none after failed missions over and over till we were all lost behind enemy lines with no way of escape. This is the sad story of our our lost soldiers of war. Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies is a casual strategy hex-grid style game. You control four total pilots which you maneuver around the board trying to take out the enemies. When you start you have a very limited choice of movements. Over time you earn upgrades and better planes to help you out against tougher and tougher enemies. You are scored on each mission on how well you perform. The more you get hit or if you lose a pilot your points drop. There is a total of eight areas with 4 missions to each one. You will fly around at Pearl Harbor, Midway, Okinawa, and a few other locations on the pacific. You can still fail a mission and move on to the next one. You'll just end up with a lower overall score. Pacific Skies is not a bad game and you can get it for fairly cheap. It also comes from the great Sid Meier who has a fantastic game making record. So if you enjoy a little challenge, WWII history, or Sid Meier games I recommend you try this game out.


Great Duke Classic

DazeOfWar | Nov. 25, 2013 | Review of Duke Nukem Manhattan Project - PC

Blowing up bad guys and saving babes is the life for me. In this 3D world in a 2D side-scroller from 2002 you are Duke Nukem trying to save the babes and Manhattan from a mad scientist , Mech Morphix, who is using some radioactive slime called G.L.O.P.P. (Gluon Liquid Omega-Phased Plasma) which changes animals into deadly enemies. What can you say, Duke lives a hard life. Everything is 3D but played in the 2D side scrolling style. You go through a variety of environments ranging from the top of buildings, to sewers, and even in space. Your enemies come in the forms of the classic pig cops, radioactive cockroaches who spew acid balls, kung-fu alligators, and mechanized robots like whip wielding babedroids. You get to kick the crap out of all these enemies using your standard golden pistol, shotgun, rocket launcher, gatling gun, a acid ball shooter, and a what seemed like a de-radioactivator. It would change the enemies back into what they were before. There is also nuke icons you collect to upgrade Duke with .higher ammo counts and more health. The gameplay was fun and challenging and never made me feel like quiting. It's not a very long game as it only took me 7 hours to complete but compared to many AAA games now a days that's impressive. It's also only $6 and for that dollar amount you get a lot of gameplay and fun. The only issues I had with the game is that I would have liked to had more guns to choose from. Being a small game though it's acceptable and doesn't change the fun factor. If you never played this back when it came out, like me, and you like Duke than I suggest picking this up or playing it if you have it. Even if you have played it before it's worth playing again for the nostalgia.


Robot Apocalypse

DazeOfWar | Nov. 25, 2013 | Review of Shoot Many Robots NA - PC

I hop in my sweet RV, grab the gear I have and head out on the road to stop the massive invasion of robots before it’s too late. While battling the pesky pieces of scrap I come across many more weapons and gear to help me become more destructive and cause lots of more mayhem. This is my long mission of harder and harder destinations to save humanity and rid the world of worthless scrap metal. Shoot Many Robots is a 2D shooter, with 4player co-op where you try to survive thousands of drive you crazy robots, while leveling up, collecting bolts to buy bigger and better weapons and gear to help you throughout this difficult task. There are three difficulties to make your way through which have an assortment of levels you earn a star rating. There is only a small variety in the stages in the whole game so you will be seeing the same scenery a lot but just under harder conditions. Stage types are get to the end of stage with only flag at end or some with a boss, and survival style where you go through rounds. Graphics and design wise I really liked it. It was filled with humorous gear like a baby stroller that you carried on your back, a gun holster with no pants, or a space helmet. Each one had certain attributes to help or hurt you. Guns ranged between the standard fare of machine guns, flame throwers, pistols, and rocket launchers. You were able to equip a main weapon, secondary, head, backpack, and pants. This gives you lots of variety and can turn out pretty funny. Gameplay was fantastic and very challenging. I made it through all the normal and hard difficulties but had to give up after a few insane levels since those are made for co-op play. There is no story to worry about just one you create. I only had two issues with this game which was the dead online community and no controller support. It takes some getting used to paying with keyboard & mouse. I recommend playing this game as it can be a lot of fun especially if you have some friends to play it with. If you don’t own it yet you can find it pretty cheap quite often too so don’t miss out on this one.