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Horse racing game that has harness racing?

DeViLzzz | April 2, 2014 | Review of Horse Racing Manager - PC

A fun horse racing game where you can actually participate in harness racing. This is so rare as almost every popular horse racing game out there basically just deals with thoroughbreds. I was thrilled to find a game that allowed me to feel like I was participating in something my uncles and aunt do and I hope to do someday too and that is train, own and drive standardbreds. Now if you get tired of harness racing you then also have the option to jump into the world of thoroughbreds. Very cool to have so much of horse racing covered. Graphically the game is easy on the eyes although there is one glaring flaw which is when you hit the finish line the horses stick there and keep moving til all have finished the race so a strange graphical issue but nothing game breaking for me. Now while it is no Crysis or some other amazing looking game it does what it needs to do to make you happy and feel like you are at the track. You feel your heart pounding and the will to win when riding the horses and positioning them at different intervals during the race. In the stretch when you don't have enough energy left and your horse tires your shoulders sag and you feel disappointed. It really feels like being at the track. In regards to sound effects I guess they are average at best. It would be nice to have announcing but then again with the wrong voice actor it could have turned out dreadful so maybe not doing it was a safe move. Honestly if you really love horse racing and want a game that can put you on the track and make you feel like you are really riding/driving one of these animals then this is the game for you. Now if you are more about betting and just managing you can do that too. LAN play worked properly for me. No issues there. Btw both pcs were using Windows 7 64 bit. I took 10 points off as maybe there could be better sound presentation to the game and I took 5 points off because once you get a certain pattern down it does make it fairly easy to win races with the better horses. Bottom line ... should you buy if you want a great horse racing experience? Yes.


I feel like chicken tonight.

DeViLzzz | April 2, 2014 | Review of Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken - PC

Definitely something different to play. The art direction is perfect. Voice acting and sounds for this game .. perfect. I really don't think I can do this game justice with the review I will give. Cut scenes make you smile, laugh and even tug at your heart strings. A perfect combination of puzzle and 2D shooting. The mechanic of hiding in the shadows when you want to is extremely cool/well done. The flying portions of the game are exhilarating and yet easy to control unlike other games out there. Like Shav mentioned in his review it does feel like you are playing a chicken version of Rambo. Another cool mechanic in the game I have seen is taking control of the penguin guards with some sort of chemical. Very cool but I can say that getting control of them initially is a little annoying so I guess if someone wants me to knock points off this game I will knock 10 off for the annoying controls for this part of the game. I wanted to give this 100 but I guess for some parts of the game controls can be an issue. I definitely would recommend this to any person interested in playing a really good 2D action/puzzle game.