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You should have known better...

DeaD | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Let me start with this: I loved Operation Racoon City. Even so I agree with the critics. The graphics are ok, you really have some weapons to purge the city and the idea of having skills is nice. The problem: uncut. The game had so much potential in my honest opinion, and somehow just don't seem to use it.

If you can get over the part where you're a bad guy, there's still the matter of this levelling up thingy. Getting XP for killing more infected, picking up some this and that? Nice. But getting all the skills after the first level? Nope. Don't get me wrong you can upgrade the character after that too, but loses it's magic.

Next: Covering system. Looks good. uhm... automatically? It's ok but sometimes being in cover while walking along a narrow floor, flattening against the wall? … Ok, next. Different weapons? Pretty, but you won't get the feeling of one weapon: "This is my boomstick!". And well try this game and you'll see one part...completely unacceptable. Just beacuse. You'll get it when you reach it... Despite these a huge point should go for this: This is Racoon City! (yup, no Sparta...) The game offers 4 player coop too, which you'll need trust me. The AI is...dumb, that simple. If you get over it, it's funny...but you, you won't. Even so Resident Evil: ORC (hehe) is a nice one, next time just give it more time Capcom, please.


Hard one...

DeaD | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil 6

This game has it, not a question. Even so I wouldn't say that it's perfect. Yeah it offers four different stories, that's a plus. It looks good, here's another one. Offers coop, for me that's at least two more.

Now it's time for the "but" part. Yup you have Leon there, but those infected ones are not zombies, at least not the one he is used to. It may be not that big of a problem, still in the long run, it isn't so nice killing everything but zombies. For example there is a "nemesis" (no, not in that way), who transforms quite a lot into, well...pretty much everything. For the first time it's ok, in the end annoying.

Despite the different stories, they all have the same problem. You have to walk through pretty scenes, killing everything on your way, but sooner or later you find your pretty one, who just can't die. So you run. It seems like it has lost your trail, but... uhm. nope. Another try and another off with it! Yup for me that was the worst part. Apart from that, the game is nice. Keeps you entertaining, sometime it seems a bit too linear, but it's more than ok. Definitely worth it's price.


Walking off the yellow road?

DeaD | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil 5

I won't say that. Resident Evil 5 definitely differs from its predeseccors, therefore received pretty much critics, but walking another path shouldn’t mean anything bad. Even though I understand the point in that, simply can't accept it. Not completely at least. This game may not be that scary, but entertaining.

Even if you've played through the campaign in singleplayer, you'll start over and over again, because of the coop. The idea of upgrading weapons adds even more to the feeling. Playing hardcore with a simple pistol? Love it. :) The visuals are pretty, can't say anything wrong about that. If you don't beleive me, just look at Sheva...I, I meanthe game presents stunning effects here and there, and covers quite some fascinating scenes. If you wanna play a good game, I can just recommend this one, even if you're not that much into "horror titles".


Classic, yes that simple

DeaD | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto III

For those, who may not ever heard of the Grand Theft Auto series, well the third one is a tps. And even more. The player can steal and drive any vehicles, which he/she confronts. This means different cars, trucks, buses, even a small plane.

The story is about a small thief, who wants big money, but gets easily caught in a sticky situation and ends up in a prison truck. On the way he manages to escape with a fellow prisoner, via an explosion, caused by the columbian cartel. This is how the player’s journey begins.

Despite GTA III was released 12 years ago, enjoying the gameplay can get you over the fact, that it isn’t so pretty nowadays. The physics are it’s own (12 years!), but this game still holds onto that feeling. Obligatory.


Fettel 3nters And Rules

DeaD | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of F.E.A.R. 3

Sure he does! Got a shot in the head? Who cares? He’s back and he’s freakin’ awesome. And you can choose him to play with. Ok, after completing the game with Point Man…ooor…choosing co-op. Yes, co-op. Love it.

If you ask me, F.E.A.R. 3 is one hell of a game. Graphics are nice, gameplay is good, but the atmosphere of the third game is rather crazy or mad, than scary. No matter, it’s still entertaining. Want a bloodbath? Choose Paxton, and you’ll get one :).

There are several multiplayer modes outside of co-op, like F**king run, where you have to … guess what. Yup. Alma’s Wall of Death is chasing the players while they are trying to push forward against Armacham forces. Nice. Another one is Contractions. In this mode you have to fight off waves of enemies. The two other are Soul Survivor and Soul King. The first is about to survive against one of your teammates. At first. One will be „possessed”, and have to convert the others. Genius. The other means playing on the dark side, as spectres.

After all F.3.A.R. is a great game, even when it lacks something the previous ones had. For the fans of those, the third game will be a bit of a dissapointment maybe, but it’s still recommended. It’s more than worth a try.


Call of Duty – Should I say more?

DeaD | Feb. 23, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I do. But what could I tell you, that the title doesn’t? First of Modern Warfare II is the sixth one in the series. MWII is the sequel to the first one, set five years after.

Graphics are pretty much the same as before, there are some new weapons, and the gameplay is great. Still Call of Duty is more an arcade-style fps, and not a how-to-die simulator, even so, there are maps where you may experience difficulties and Veteran mode is pretty hard.

The multiplayer is similar, but there are new weapons, items, perks and streaks aaand cooperative! Love it!

I’m not a fanatic, but no way I could say baddies about it, Call of Duty rocks! Meet you on the front guys!



DeaD | Feb. 23, 2013 | Review of Bloody Good Time

Yeah, even if it’s mentioned as a shooter, Bloody Good Time is Rather Multiplayer First Person Use What You Can Get…uhm…Ok, so it’s hard to define. This Game is awesome and differs a lot from average FPS games. It is sort of a dm based one, but it offers other modes, like the hunt, where you have to kill only one person, while being hunted too.

You can play BGT against bots, but that won’t give you the same feeling. Because of this, there isn’t any story, it only goes about a movie director, who uses actors/actresses to kill each other for the show…or something alike…

The game looks pretty, or at least the graphics fits the game. There are lots of weapons and items to play with, even traps. I must say, for those who want epic crazyness Bloody Good Time is more than recommended, for others, the game is not a bad one, but don’t expect much. Me personally, loved it :) .


The old one returns…

DeaD | Feb. 23, 2013 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Pre

…and rocks! At least for me it does. 9 years have passed since the last one was released for PC, and there had to be another one. This one didn’t get too good reception, but I loved it. Graphics are nice, physics are ok and the atmosphere is huge. I have to say that i love being stealthy and both alien and predator are great for that. The scenery is pretty, but you will see the same map sometimes, with all three characters in the campaign. Ah well, for me it wasn’t a big problem. I enjoyed the game’s story and gameplay. It’s a pity, that the camapign can be completed pretty fast. Anyway AvP offers multiplayer with different modes, so you can play it cooperative (survival mode), and competitive too. In my opinion AvP is a good one, worth buying.


Simple, yet entertaining

DeaD | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Homefront: Ultimate Edition

Homefront is a first person shooter, which doesn’t want to redeem the world, but does an awesome job anyway. The story is great, the graphics are nice, sometimes really spectacular. There aren’t so great physics like you could ruin the environment, but it doesn’t really matter. The game offers online multiplayer, where you can get points that can be used to unlock new weapons. After some kill streaks you are able to use vehicles, airstrikes or even small air drones, which makes the multiplayer even more fun. There are many weapons like a pistol, a submachine gun, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles mounted weapons and so on. So if you ask me, whether it is worth it’s price or not, i’d say don’t think too much, there is a war going on soldier!


Oh dear…

DeaD | Dec. 21, 2012 | Review of Streets of Moscow

I honor attempts, i really do…but, my you have to get a new least. Ok, so let me begin. The game is a racing title right? So why is it nearly impossible to handle the car? If you look on the images, or start this game for the first time it may look like it’s a copy of need for…well it isn’t. It may be called something like need for physics. If it had any…The car gets stuck in pretty much anything if it stopped. (outside of the road) Want to park on the other side of the sidewalk? Don’t. Are you planning on a shortcut trough the pavement. Not a good idea. If you slip a bit, you may not get back on the road again…ever…(without using the auto replacement…) The graphics are ok, not nice not pretty, but that isn’t the reason, why this game is so bad. It offers pretty much different cars, tuning, the cars can crash, there is traffic, even multiplayer online or LAN. Even so it doesn’t matter. Maybe if the physics problem would be solved, the game could be a cheaper, but good title. Not this way. I would advise: don’t try this at home or at all…at least until there is a huuuge patch for it…


Yup, it has changed…

DeaD | Dec. 15, 2012 | Review of Commandos: Strike Force

Whether for the better or the worse is hard to decide. The game after all isn’t a bad one, but yeah it is different…Let me explain. First most of the characters has gone, maybe they were killed during the war or who knows. So those who loved the earlier games, they may feel the lack of Sidney(„Tread”), James („Fins”), Natasha(„Lips”), or even the dog(Whiskey), etc... It is acceptable though because putting more characters in a FPS, well i do think it would’ve been everything but easy. These three(the Sniper, the Spy, and the Green Beret) is enough, that simple. The game offers you the option to be stealthy, brutal, or having fun using the spy :) . The graphics are good in my opinion, the missions are diverse, interesting, but somehow you just feel something is missing. It may be the strategy. The game is a FPS, and that’s all. You don’t have to plan much, and this one just doesn’t have much to do with the game title „Commandos”. It offers multiplayer, but no co-op, which could make the game awesome. Honestly you should try the game, but maybe after you play through the missions you won’t play it ever again. For this price it is worth though.


Awesome, that simple

DeaD | Dec. 15, 2012 | Review of Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise

For the record i must say, i’m not a „fan” of this genre. That means i did play some brawler games before, but never for a longer time. When i first saw this title, i thought this might just be it. And for me, it was. I really enjoyed the game, though at some parts it was a bit hard for me, even on easy. And for the first 10 times or so i couldn’t beat the final boss. After that i played the first levels on hard, and so on, until i got enough bravery to face that boss again, and managed to defeat her. So the game may be hard for first-time players, but it is highly delightsome. The graphics are good, or at least it is the right one for this game. The maps are nice, different, and so are the enemies (maybe they are not that nice[beware the teleporting-making itself doubled lady ]) I know how this game was rated most, but for me it was a pleasure to play this one. The controls are simple, yet the moves take some time to master. There is a local co-op which is great if you want to play through the game with a friend, although i’d be always open for playing multiplayer online. I’d say if you want a simple, still amusing brawler game, this one is perfect.


Attractive Lady with dual pistols? I gotta see that…

DeaD | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of Tomb Raider: Anniversary DNS

The date is 1996. The first Tomb Raider, and with it, a legend was born. The game got a reception between 79-100%. Pretty good huh? 6 sequels and here we are. It uses the same engine as the previous one, Legend did. When Legend came to life, the redesigned world, the beautiful environments, well those were simple impressive, and amazing. So graphics are not a problem. The game is adventurous, the physics are good, the story is pretty much the same, but who cares? It is really fun to play with. My only note here would be the gameplay. The controls on PC with keyboard/mouse are sometimes a bit hard. (swinging on the rope, making Lara jump perpendicular, that takes skill and patience…much…) At some point the game makes you jump, kill monsters, using all the moves you learned at the same time. And that is a strong disadvantage. There are some smaller bugs, which are bugging the player after a while. So how does the game feel like? It is fun, it is entertaining, but sometimes you may need to relax after playing it. Even so it is worth the price.


Hacker game? Gimme that! oh wait…

DeaD | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of Hacker Evolution DNS

This game returns to the old text based games, so if you want something spectacular, don’t bother. First i thought of something like, oh my god i’m gonna experience something fantastic, a new world will open itself to me. Well it didn’t but the game is fun anyway. Maybe there are not that much commands, and maybe getting into a „database” won’t make you dance, or order a champagne, but it certainly does have a feeling. These were the good. And now for the bad. The game is hard (or at least it was for me [first time at the franchise]), and not that entertaining. Even so i’d say it does, what it wants to, and i do accept it’s uniquness. It is kinda cheap, so it is worth trying, but do think about whether it fits you or not.


Ambivalent feelings…

DeaD | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of Death Track: Resurrection DNS

First off: gameplay. The game itself is good, but nothing special. The same old story, about cars with weapons, shooting each other while racing. Looks like fun doesn’t it? It does and it should be that way, but yeah as always there is another side of the coin. In my opinion, the creators shouldn’t have take time to create a story for a game like this: post-apocalyptic universe race to the death, or to arrive at the finish line. If this time would’ve been spent on anything else, this game could finally achieve what others tried before too…The graphics are quite nice, but nothing, that would change the world. And here we are, the physics: the game is slooow… you die you really need some time to get a speed, at which you could call the game racing. (and let me take this note: don’t ever land on your side) I’d say the game is worth a try, but don’t expect too much.


simple game, but fun

DeaD | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of Bang Bang Racing

In my honest opinion this game is great. It isn't a simulator, but it does well, what it is: a simple, yet entertaining racing game. Graphics are great, physics are ok, and the fun is guaranteed. I'm not a fan of this genre, but when i played it, it just kept me in front of the computer. How does it do that? The answer is simple: it doesn't want much, but does what it has to at it's best. Only one thing may be needed: online multiplayer. Instead it offers couch multi (4 player split-screen). Maps can be quite difficult to sometimes, but after a while you’ll get used to it. So what are you waiting for? Race on!