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Wings returns with a Bang !!

Dean_Demon | Oct. 20, 2014 | Review of Wings Remastered Edition - PC

Classic or legendary is so often used but for Wings this is so fitting, Wings as it was called was exclusive to the Amiga back in 1990 from one of the biggest developers at the time called Cinemaware. They have been away for a few years but have revived this classic title via Kickstarter. On to the game which is part simulator and part arcade game which is made up of 3 sections, the main part is you in your WWI biplane dog fighting with the enemy being the germans which you will find in most flight simulators view point wise. Second part is strafing in which you travel in your biplane in an isometric view point where you are given certain targets to hit using your machine guns and the third part is a bombing run which is very similar to strafing but is an overhead view point which you just have to drop a certain number of bombs on specific targets so you either succeed or fail. This modern version is a direct conversion of the Amiga original so if you have seen or played that version you will know exactly how this one plays, all original levels, music, graphics and design are as they were but with modern technology so the graphics have been given a lick of paint and the music have been completely re recorded and sound effects have really been beefed up and generally tidied up but a nice feature is the original soundtrack has been included as well if you are feeling nostalgic. The game takes place though WW1 during the years 1916 to 1918, it's has some really nice story boarding with a journal that you keep and makes for a very good read as events unfold before you so you learn about the history of the time and what it was like to be a pilot in the war as well. When you make kills in the game you actually see your tally in the top 10 fighter aces list and can earn medal's as well and have promotion's but do badly and you can end up going home early from the war without a career so it pay's to do well. Wings Remastered Edition does everything the Amiga version did but plays a little faster, looks a little better but also plays a little easier as well although there are 3 difficulty settings should it be too easy for you so for old users of the game this is a dream and hopefully new players will appreciate on enjoy this cult classic too. As someone who has played this for many years since it's original release i thoroughly enjoy and recommend this modern take on the game and enjoy the 230 or so missions and the history too, it's a sure fire hit.


A Legend returns

Dean_Demon | Oct. 2, 2013 | Review of Flashback - PC

Flashback is a Legendary title from 1992 on the AMIGA and ported to many systems from 1993 onwards, this version is not a remake or reboot but more like an update of the original game where the design remains intact so if you remember that version of the game then you will recognise this update instantly which is a nice way to go with it. Flashback combines several styles of gameplay into a single game but is mainly an adventure game with strategy, action and stealth within it and all based around a platform genre. Level design is the same but with improved visuals, voice overs and the animation which was a selling point in the original game and just as grand here too and then then the much improved cutscenes all adds to the atmosphere creating a more complete version. After the intro you are into the game proper and your quest begins, it's basically your worst nightmare and discover that you have no memory so you have no idea where you are or what you are doing there so it's your job to find out,throughout your quest you will meet many people and some nasties as well which you will have to deal with in several ways, either avoid, kill or use as you will soon discover and there are traps and puzzles to avoid and solve as well to help you on your way. Some of these puzzles may not appear obvious at the time so you will have to think laterally, the biggest improvement in the game is the control system and the sound fx, control by use of a gamepad is totally smooth and responsive and are no longer restricted by 4 way directional control which you were in the original and there is also keyboard as well but do be prepared for some frustration for keyboard as there are quite a few key presses to remember but the sound has been improved so much and of great quality and the updated graphics really does add to the experience. If you loved the original as much as me then you will instantly love and recognise this version too, this is how an update should be done bringing it up to date for the modern era while keeping faithful to what made it great in the first place, the game runs great with no technical issue's or performance problems and also was patched on day one so an all round excellent experience and the original game is included in this release if you feel like seeing what this version compares too as well, this game did bring back the WOW factor of it's original release and happily rate it an engaging 92%.


Hardcore Shooter at Last

Dean_Demon | Sept. 29, 2013 | Review of Alien Rage - PC

At the start this will seem just like any other modern shooter but with a difference, this game will grind you into the ground because it's build around the formula of classic and old school FPS and this means that it's a difficult game which it's been designed to do so if you are new to this genre or just inexperienced then you will struggle as it's HARD and i love it for this reason. Single player campaign is really nice and has an excellent setting as it's a sci fi shooter the level's are really well designed and it looks great and has some really nice dramatic music which sets the mood and scene really well. This is no open world game and you are confined to narrow corridors so you basically have nowhere to hide so you will always be busy with a constant stream of enemies, oh and the control system is so responsive which is a good feature for this game. 14 levels in this game and gets progressively more difficult, plenty of boss fights and each requires a different tactic to defeat it and plenty of other enemy types and some which you won't find anywhere else such as an invisible enemy and one that warps from one location to another so you need to watch out for those as they'll shoot you in the back, very cool if you ask me. Multiplayer is also very nice and has two types of game modes, deathmatch where it's just you against everyone so if it moves just shoot it and team deathmatch so it's your team against another and the maps here are different from the single player campaign, sure it would be nice to have a few more game modes but it's all good fun, the game isn't overly active on the MP front but you can still find a few games but am sure this will improve as it's a new game. Overall this is a tough blaster but it's so much fun and with plenty of practice if you are not used to games with this difficulty then you will enjoy it, this certainly is the best game that City Interactive has produced and it really shows, so glad to see a game with traditional gaming value's of the past so it's 89 rating for me.


Dungeon's Retro Style

Dean_Demon | Aug. 25, 2013 | Review of 10000000 - PC

This is such a simple and charming game which does bring back the very best traditions of classic 8 bit gaming, hey it has pixel's, easy level design, entertaining music and sfx which is almost chip sound in nature and keeping with the 8 bit theme but does use modern sounds but does manage a very good job of having that 8 bit feeling. The game itself is played on a single screen of 7x8 grid which total's 56 blocks in the Bejeweled style so is very easy to learn and each type of block has it's own colour and function, so a green block has a key on it which will open a door and a blue block has a sword on it which you can attack the various enemies to be found in the game, the rest i will let you discover for yourself, there are power ups and potions to be found as well, power up are good by the way and there to make things easier for you and the potions can be both good and bad so select these wisely. Now the fun begins ..... believe me it may appear simple but it grabs you right from the start and it's fast as well so you have to think rather quickly, the idea is to escape the dungeon by killing all the various monsters which earns you points and hopefully you will attain the large number of 10 million points to escape the dungeon and earn your freedom, this turns out to be very much more difficult than it sounds, throughout the game you must complete challenges to advance your rank which in turn makes the game faster and more difficult. The game has a number of steam achievements which requires you to complete the game of 10 million points on various difficulty levels which is rather quite devious indeed, it's not just a case of reaching the hardest difficulty and reaching your target, oh no it's couldn't be that simple but i will let you discover all these little secret's for yourself and hope that you enjoyed it as much as i did, all i will say is that one of the achievements in the game i class as one of the most difficult that i've ever encountered so be prepared for a lot of replays, if you do manage to gain all the achievements then you will feel a great sense of pride and know that you have earned eveyone of them, it's a real great tribute to games of yesteryear and i rate it a sparkling 86 out of 100.


Afterburner reborn

Dean_Demon | Jan. 29, 2013 | Review of Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition - PC

As soon as i saw the trailer for this game i thought "AFTERBURNER" as it resembles the SEGA arcade game from 1987 which for me is a big selling point as you just don't get aircraft arcade shooters anymore so the signs are good. This is pure arcade action and no simulation in sight, so it's fast and exciting without having to read a huge manual to just to learn how to fly, at the start of the game as you are flown straight into the action and have prompts on screen to tell you what key does what like direction in how to fly your plane and how to fire your missiles and fire the guns and is all quite straight forward and a controller can also be used if you wish but i prefer keyboard myself but both work really well and the controls are very responsive which is a must for an action game. Graphics really are excellent, they are big and with a great attention to detail, all aircraft are as you would expect so if so if you've ever seen TOP GUN then you will know what to expect here, some nice graphics options so you can play on a big monitor and with some impressive resolutions as well, the physics when you hit something or blow a plane up is very nicely done, i did find some stuttering in places but they may just be day one release issue's but didn't detract from the good performance and experience, everything else in the game graphics wise is a joy to see. The sound i really like especially if you play wearing head phones, the explosions, sound of gun fire and voice acting in the game are very clear, now the music sets the scene perfectly so turn it up LOUD. Gameplay revolves around a story like most games such as Call of Duty and it's all entertaining and there is also a good multiplayer section too so if you want to be the best fighter ace on the planet then this is where you can prove it. This is just such an exciting game and blowing planes up has never been so much fun, this is pure arcade action at it's best and it's like playing AFTERBURNER all over again, i'll give it 85 as it stands and a little higher if there were no stuttering but i'm sure that will get resolved with a patch so happy hunting pilot !!


Isn't BRUTAL fun?

Dean_Demon | Jan. 9, 2013 | Review of Chivalry - PC

Chivalry is truly great fun, finally a game where i can be as Brutal and as dangerous as i want to be without the fear of getting into trouble, be brave, be aggressive and be totally violent as anything else and you won't get anywhere. Graphics are nicely done and the game moves at a good rate, fast is good by the way and if you are a little squeamish then you will certainly have a hard time with this classic game, all those limbs flying off is a pure adrenaline rush. Sound isn't anything special but it does the job, mind you it doesn't need to be great as i found that i had plenty to shout about in game so that makes up for it. On release it did have a few issue's and bugs but since then it's been updated many times and many things have been corrected and ironed out and is now extremely playable, multi player combat has never been so good.


Ridge Racer brought up to date.

Dean_Demon | Jan. 9, 2013 | Review of Ridge Racer Unbounded - PC

Ridge Racer a name from the mid 90's mainly on consoles finally makes an appearance on PC and fully updated for the modern era and completely surpasses all other versions of the name Ridge Racer. The game play has changed but all for the better, graphically it's superb if you have a good set up but even on the lowest settings it looks great, sound like every racer nowadays is a big part of the game and there are plenty of music tracks to keep everyone happy, sfx is also very good but it's the action which stands out, the replays are excellent when you have destroyed your rivals, plenty of cars to unlock and the various races are quite varied from the all out win at all costs to time trials and total destruction of the other racers which does make the game very similar to Need for Speed series so if you love that series then give this a go, i for one love this as it's great fun.


Relive a Classic

Dean_Demon | Jan. 7, 2013 | Review of Boulder Dash XL - PC

What a really good remake of a classic 1984 game this is, fully updated with 32 bit graphics which are bright and clearly defined, sound although not as impressive still does a good job and the samples are nice and clear but it's the level design where it really shines, never before has collecting diamonds been so much fun and yes it will leave you pulling your hair out at times and yes it can get very hectic which is all part of the fun and having 150 modern levels will keep you busy for sometime to come but for me i found playing the original 8 bit levels the most fun, god how games have changed graphically but the game play is as strong and as exciting as it ever has been but it's the 8 bit levels that keep pulling me back, yes it really it that good.


Classic shoot 'em up

Dean_Demon | Nov. 10, 2012 | Review of Sine Mora - PC

If you loved classic side scrolling shoot em up's of the past such as R Type or Nemesis/Gradius then you will certainly love this version, right from the start you see the beautiful rendered scenes, animation that is ultra smooth but for me the sound is the best thing with it's superb music which is magical and has classic sound effects and the control scheme also works very well indeed and this game perfectly suits a gamepad. Story mode really sets the scene for the game but it's the arcade modes that really brings out the gamer in you,it can get very chaotic very quickly and there are loads of power up's and upgrades and then there are online leaderboards just to see how good you are against other players, it's just so nice to see a modern shoot em up done well in the classic 80's style and this should keep you entertained for many weeks to come, pure class !!