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This game pulled me back in!

Deathraiser898 | April 26, 2013 | Review of Defiance Post - PC

I had just about given up on MMOs for good. I am a former WoW player (from original until Cataclysm) and simply got burned out. I got tired of the grinding/farming and also the $15 subscription fee. I tried Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, and they are okay but too much like WoW and unless you have lots of friends to raid or do dungeon runs with it just isn't much fun and feels like a grind. I play occasionally. I even tried The Secret World and although the puzzles are fun, the click for action skill for your character just makes it look like a gimped version of WoW. I was hoping TSW would be more like Defiance as far as combat (I hope Defiance copies some puzzle ideas and story elements from TSW) and that's where Defiance delivers, with it's fast paced third-person shooter action. Defiance is a Buy to play Shooter MMO, which you can play with friends, but also which you can play solo with just random players joining in to complete quests. I have been playing the game since launch and have had lots of fun in all the different gameplay options (from driving challenges to blitz kill stuff challenges). You don't really need to group to help each other out on quests (so far) and grouping will only happen automatically on co-op maps. I have enjoyed the co-op instances which are very much like dungeons only there is no tank or healer!(awesome) I have noticed that for the PC version there is no problems with lag even when 30-40 payers get together to kill huge enemies. The servers were down minimally on launch day and the servers have been on each time I have played during peak hours since then without a hitch. I haven't tried PvP yet, but look forward to that. Defiance is the only game I have played since launch day and so far I am very much looking forward to see which direction the game goes. The shooter aspect can get a bit repetitive, but the enemy types have varied so much and tactics chosen to defeat them that so far, at least for me, that hasn't been a negative. It's a shooter, you shoot things. And I love to shoot things after a stressful day at work. I would compare the game play to a mix of Mass Effect and Borderlands (especially the loot system). You can crouch and get behind cover (not sticky cover). Sometimes you have to rush the enemy and sometimes stay back and some weapons types will work better against others just depending on the enemy. I find that getting a good high ground with cover usually works well, except when an enemy has a RPG or similar explosives that can knock you from a specific area. There are also different kinds of snares involved. The graphics are pretty good for an MMO (better than the major ones out there right now). But of course, it will not be as good as Bioshock Infinite which is a great game in it's own right. The cutscenes are not the best I have seen (especially compared to TSW) but they aren't as bad as GW2 or WoW and they are usually short. You can skip them, but I am trying to enjoy the story and I hope it gets better as I go along. There is a lot of customization just like many other MMOs. Some review claims there are only 4 faces and 4 classes. I think that is a gross mischaracterization. There are many face options, true there are only 2 races and you can be either male or female, but you can then modify the look of your character from the nose, to the lips, to the hair, to the skin tone, etc. And as far as I can tell, there aren't really classes. You can have one of either 4 skill trees. However, there are many weapon types and each can do elemental damage and can be modified. There are also tons of different clothing options, vehicle options, and title options. I highly recommend this game. I think if you love Borderlands or Mass Effect you will like this game which adds an MMO twist which makes it more exciting. And if you hate grinding and the whole bland tank /healer / dps (same old tired MMO archetype) then you should give this game a try. I love it and I am definitely going to get the season pass. Just when I thought I was out, Defiance pulled me back in.


Overall Not Bad

Deathraiser898 | April 26, 2013 | Review of Rift - PC

Coming from someone who has been playing all type of MMORPG games from MUD to WoW and all that are in between. RIFT is a great game by its own rights. It's been a long time since the MMO community has a very successful launch. I'm not going to compare features between this game and that game, but here are the good and the bad from my playing experience. Default UI is a great. Although many of the goodies are turned off by default, you can easily turn them on through the interface setting. No need to go to addon website to install extra stuff. Things like target of target, AoE auto loot, auto sell gray items, etc. The UI layout editor is very easy to use. I'm actually really happy with it out of the box. It's not perfect, but a great starting point. Public groups. I thought it was dumb when I first saw it, but there's a plus sign above everyone's avatar. You can click this and invite yourself to create an auto-group with the person. This is great when you see someone doing the quest you're looking to do, you can just auto group and you both and help each other. When you're done, just leave and be on your way. You can turn this feature off if you don't like a random stranger joining you. This also works for Public Group when taking down world events, such as RIFTs and Invasions. If there are multiple public groups, it merges them in to one. Warfronts. Essentially, it's instance battlegrounds. The queues are very quick since its cross-servers. You need to be at least level 10 to do your first Warfront. There are brackets from 10-19, 20-29, and so on. It's pretty much the same old same old here, so nothing exciting about it. The experience gain is enough that you could level from just playing the warfronts if you choose to. I don't recommend it though, it gets boring pretty fast if playing it back to back... to back. Plus, you'll be pretty weak because you can't get gear efficiently if this is all you're doing. Rifts and Invasions are pretty cool at first. After awhile it's just a zerg fest. I don't mind doing this, but again, in moderation. The blue and purple tokens you get from it are zone specific, so spend those to get yourself stronger. Not a lot of experience from invasions, so you can't level off of it like you can from warfronts. If you farm the invasion currencies you can buy items to make yourself stronger. Quests are pretty much a straight shot. What is great about them is that you get pretty decent gears from following quests line. It will continually upgrade your gear as you go along. So this is the most effective way to get decent gear if you're playing by yourself or with a friend. Dungeons are also pretty much like other games, but a lot prettier! It's hard to describe in words. The first instance is the Realm of the Fae, and the winter top mountain is pretty amazing, a must see! I won't spoil it. This brings me to another point. The graphic and game effects in this game look very nice. Warrior's cleave bring up dust from the ground looks amazing. If your computer can handle ultra setting, the game is very pretty. I enjoy the graphic a lot. The last game I play that I thought was pretty was LotRO, this beats it. Sound effects is pretty good, nothing that stands out. The script events and voice over is a nice touch, but nothing special. I turn music off when playing so I can't comment on that. The loot is pretty also straight forward. The nice touch here is that all souls in the class use the same stat no matter what you're doing. For example, all clerics will use WIS gear. So I won't have to haul STR/DEX gear when tanking, WIS when healing, and INT/DEX when trying to DPS. All cleric uses WIS as the main attribute and that gets converted depending on the souls. If I'm tanking as Cleric Justica my WIS converts to STR for tanking. All I have to worry about is if I want to tank with 2H weapon or 1H and shield. Pretty awesome! The Classes and Souls system is also nice, because it's very flexible. You can also purchase new roles to swap out from Tank to Healer on the fly. Since you're using pretty much the same gear from one role to another, it's painless. In my opinion, this game doesn't bring anything new or innovative. It takes all the things other games done well and implement them in a nice package. There are a lot of improvements to be made. Like I said, it's not perfect, but it's a great start. NOTE: If you are looking to buy this game, I recommend getting the Digital Collector's edition for $60. An extra $10 will get you a mount right off the bat (no level restriction) for all new characters that you make. The cheapest mount you can get is about 2.5 plat. I didn't get 2.5 plat until about level 20 from a normal play. I created 3 characters to level 20, and it's pretty much the same pace. Having the mount as soon as you can get to the mailbox is awesome.


Love it!

Deathraiser898 | April 26, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

Don't know what this is but it is definitely not Bioshock not part 1 or 2. Where are the Big daddys and little sisters? Gone is everything that made Bioshock so popular now we have regular everyday christian people trying to kill you thinking you are the devil reincarnated. I prefer the deranged splicers and plasmids of part 1, lighting them on fire and seeing them run around screaming. But Infinite is a totally different game from the originals, a different direction so you cannot compare the two at all. The first part of the game is boring but the second part is where the game comes alive where the fighting becomes more intense and bloody especially in hand to hand combat when you run out of ammo. Be prepared for heads to roll and blood to squirt when the fighting starts, it gets really hectic and fun. Then there is Elizabeth she truly is a work of art in a game almost real, if only the whole game was more like Elizabeth then it would be a 10 out of 10. She really is part of the game and is your partner in crime. Her facial expressions are like nothing Iike I have seen before in a game and you can tell when something is bothering her. Her creation by the game makers deserves an award. Overall the Game is a 9 out of 10 for Elizabeth and the intense fight scenes where you must use a combination of guns and vigors to vanquish your enemies. it took me awhile to master the guns and vigors so give it time but before I knew it I was commanding killer crows with the stroke of a hand while in the other hand I was blowing things up with the rocket launcher. They could have done more with the songbird just like the Big Daddy in Bioshock 1. I also changed the setting to max HD quality for a better experience. I recommend you get this game.