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A Very fun coop experience and a must have for any LOTR Fan!

Decel | March 24, 2012 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

Love Lord of the Rings so this game was a must buy for me. Play this game on 3 Player Coop-YOU will have a blast! I wasnt disappointed. Pick from 3 characters a Human (ranger/mellee), Dwarf and an elf. All 3 have different abilities which complement each other when in a battle. The story goes along side when frodo starts his quest to destroy the ring. Along the way you will meet familiar characters from the books and films. You get a sense of how important your task is! Graphics and combat The graphics are great and really suit the LOTR universe. But the combat is the icing on the cake for this game, everything feels smooth and all encounters are fun and gruesome. Get an orc to low then have the chance to sever his arm or take his head off. Plenty of loot to get your teeth into with the game encouraging multiple playthroughs to get the better gear. Negatives. This game came out at the wrong time and was released to mixed reviews. Here are some of my bad points- - The games length Seems way to short for an RPG especially with the LOTR universe. Took me and a friend 11 Hours to complete on normal. But my 2nd playthrough on A higher difficulty took 19 hours as i discovered more quests and combat is way harder -I myself didnt encounter any bugs or glitches but quite a few have experienced issues with the game eg(crashes,save points). The devlopers released a couple patches but have gone silent for now. Over all worth the price especially if you love lord of the rings!