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Mil Sim FTW

DefoneESP | June 2, 2013 | Review of ARMA II Combined Operations - PC

I have been a fan since back in the days of Operation Flashpoint (Coldwar), these games have all had a sense of realism that CS, CoD, BF, etc have all lacked. I will start with saying that if you are use to playing the games mentioned above then you are in for a suprise, the controls are not as fluid, and at times can be clunky. The UI is very awkward and lacks a lot of valuable data that you are use to seeing in FPS games, such as health bar, shield, direction, maps, etc. but it gives you a better sense of realism, in the real battlefield you are not given all that info on a HUD with access at your finger tips. The single player aspect of the game is pretty cheesy, horrible voice overs, bad dialog, and buggy delays leave something to be desired from a single player aspect, not to mention the difficulty level (even on easy) can become a hassle, but if gives you a sense at how evenly matched you are and how important each individual in your squad really is, and how staying vigilant on the battlefield can mean life or death, not just another respawn timer. The best part of this game is the online community. This game has one of the best mod communities of any game. So you are never bored with the same old content. You can go to and see for yourself. Bored of a certain soldier skin? Go online and download British SAS group! Tired of the boring grey A10 Warthog and its lack of armament? go online download a digicam warthog with cluster bombs! This game also has several conversion mods such as DayZ, ACE Mod, Vietnam Mod, Cold War mod, etc. Vehicles really can make or break a game, and this game finds the perfect balance with it, they have a sense of power and require more that 1 person to operate all aspects, for instance a tank requires a driver, gunner and a commander, but you can switch between the 3 if you dont have buddies a long with you. The vehicles have vulnerable areas, so operating tactically is important if you want to stay alive. Multiplayer is what will get you the most replayability from this game. Theres nothing like playing an insurgency map, you and 12 others crammed into a UH60 blackhawk, and being airlifted into battle! From huge Coop maps, insurgency, and Zargabad Life (kinda like the sims lol) to PvP CTF DM and Capture/Hold modes, it will really keep you interested. I highly suggest checking out this series if you are looking for a little more from an FPS! (pickup arma3 too while you are at it!)



DefoneESP | June 2, 2013 | Review of Defiance Post - PC

I had been watching this game months prior to release, everything looked great, and all the features really sparked my interest in this game, and the screen shots were amazing. But upon release day I was seriously let down. This game is downright generic, there is nothing really all that "new" about the game, the graphics are decent but leave you with something to be desired. The game play is fairly smooth and really basic, so basic it feels like a console game. (probably a direct port) The AI is downright awful. They get stuck behind boxes, or they can hit you when you are clearly behind cover. Not to mention they take tons of hits to kill (unless you can land some headshots). The "random events" are pretty regularly scheduled, theres no real benefit to participating in them with the exception of some XP, and it usually consists of a bunch of people shooting the wrong things and not paying attention to the main aspects/focuses of the event The vehicles are terrible, I preordered and received the Digicam pickup truck and dodge challenger, both of which struggle to climb hills, and have very awkward and buggy physics and steering abilities. This is just another cash cow game, theres no subcription you have to pay monthly, but theres an ingame store that will take your cash if you are interested in that sort of thing. I cant say anything about PvP because i never tried that aspect of the game out. i spent 60$ on this game, played for about 2hrs, and never played it again, i was suckered into yet another halfassed game, if this game STILL looks appealing to you i would wait for the inevitable price drops that should be happening very soon.. oh and the game is based on a SyFy TV series and takes place at the exact same time frame as the show and supposedly the two cant have changes to one another (game can change the TV and vice versa) if you are interested in that at all it may change your perspective slightly...