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The charms of the humble!

Denariand | June 10, 2013 | Review of Zombies - PC

I downloaded this game only with the expectation the get hugely disappointed by it. Imagine my surprise when I first played it and killed a couple of zombies. This little game is fun and can offer quite some time of it. In the beginning you start of pretty useless but the again isn't every beginning such? Gradually you build up your arsenal and become more prepared for the outbreak. The soundtrack is very pleasant and it won't drive you mad after a long session of playtime and it is in complete unison with the game itself. In all this is quite the nice game that you can have fun with and yep it is not demanding and will not leave you with a feeling of disappointment in your mouth. On the side of graphics - Zombies is pixelated but that should not turn you off. These pixels bring it the charms. As we know graphics is not all in a game but it is a plus if done right. Well, here graphics is done right and it is enjoyable to watch the zombies bleeding some pixels. Did I mention you can destroy all of your surroundings. Yeah, that is right. You can hurl every chair and office supply at the zombies or walls and desks if you prefer to. It is your choice as it is to save you colleagues or just save yourself from the zombie-apocalypse. I haven't had such fun from a little humble game for some time but this little fellow here made my day!