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Denonic | April 18, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite ANZ Post - PC

This is the only game in the last couple of years that has had me glued to my seat for 2 days straight. It's an edge of your seat kind of experience that is well paced and very story driven. The combat itself is quite satisfying to boot. Vigors are extremely useful in weakening opponents and you'll find yourself using them far more often than most other games (the original Bioshock included) as they can often mean the difference between a kill or running out of ammo foolishly. The breadcrumb like feature is also very useful. Unless you play in 1999 mode you are best off spamming it to find the direction you should be going in, but also to point out the areas that aren't part of the story (i.e. areas with hidden collectibles). The graphics are beautiful and one of only a handful of games where more than 2GB of GRAM is actually worthwhile. A must have purchase and if you have played the original Bioshock, this is just as good and very worthy of the name.