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Open world game with repetitive and tedious missions

Desidiosus | Sept. 16, 2013 | Review of Red Faction Guerilla - PC

RF: Guerrilla is an open world action game set in Mars, which is controlled by the Earth Defense Force. The main character joins the Red Faction resistance after the introduction/tutorial level and the goal of the game is to free Mars from the tyranny of EDF. Gameplay is pretty standard 3rd-person shooter, but the twist is the destructible environment. The ground isn't destructible but all buildings etc. can be destroyed. There are also vehicles to drive around, but most of them are quite slow and not tha fun to drive around in. The story progresses through missions, which aren't very long or even that innovative. There are also several side missions available, but they repeat the same pattern and get tedious very quickly. The story isn't very good either. Difficulty-wise the game is kinda hard, because you die quite quickly even on normal and it takes some time for the health to regen. However, you could just go to a vehicle for a few seconds, which regenerates your health quite quickly. You also run out of ammo for the weapons very quickly and then you have to pick up one of the enemies' weapons or resort to the melee weapon. Alternatively you could go to an ammo crate, but those sparsely scattered around the world and they don't even have that much ammo in them. There is a small upgrade system in the game, which can be used to buy a few new weapons and then some upgrades to them. The "currency" in the game is salvage, which can be obtained by destroying EDF buildings, completing missions or by mining ore deposits. I would imagine that people, who like to roam around the world and just do random stuff, would enjoy the game more, but I don't really enjoy doing that so I didn't have that much fun playing the game. The game is best played in short bursts, because there isn't much to do in the game unless you really like destroying virtual buildings. I finished the game in about 13 hours and I did about 45 of the 104 side missions the game has. The main story doesn't take that long to beat, but you must do some side missions for each area before the final story mission for the area unlocks. It's just an average open world action game that isn't much fun to play. It also has GFWL, which can cause problems for some people.


Charming adventure game

Desidiosus | Sept. 16, 2013 | Review of The Book of Unwritten Tales Standard Edition - PC

The Book of Unwritten Tales is a 3D point-and-click adventure game set in a fantasy world. The game consists of 5 fairly lengthy chapters, although the last chapter was very short compared to the others. The page says the game has about 20 hours of gameplay, but it only took me about 11 hours, but I would consider myself to be an adventure game veteran. The graphics are pre-rendered in 16:10 aspect ratio, which means that on other aspect ratios there will be black bars on the sides. I have a 16:9 monitor so there were a bit over 1 cm wide black bars on each side of the screen. Aside from that minor issue the graphics are good and the environment looks very detailed. The story is good, although it's a pretty standard fantasy story. You must find a powerful artifact and not let the evil forces get it. The somewhat silly world and the charming characters make the story a lot better. For example there are 2 NPCs playing a fantasy RPG, in which they must fill tax forms and do other mundane real life tasks. The dialogue is also pretty funny and contains several nods to other games like the Monkey Island series. I found the puzzles to be easy and simple. I never really had to look for any items as you could get almost all of them on the first time you entered that area. The interactable hotspots disappeared once you no longer needed them or if you had interacted with them for a couple of times. You also had to interact with everything once before you could pick it up, which I learned pretty quickly. That basically meant that all the hotspots remaining after going through them all would be used in a puzzle. The inventory system made everything even simpler as the game showed a text when you could combine two items. The game is fully voice acted and I thought the voice acting was pretty good. The music wasn't that great, but it was often barely noticeable. There are subtitles available in the game, but they don't show during the few cutscenes the game have.