Reviews by Dez


A very good Roguelike

Dez | Nov. 8, 2013 | Review of Sword of the Stars The Pit - PC

If your a fan of roguelike games such as Dungeons of Dreadmore, this game is great (if your a fan of Sword of the Stars to, you probably already own it haha but regardless the more the better), it has a bit less of the absolute craziness of that game but makes up with it with all the alien items which could potentially cripple your guy or turn him into superman for a minute. The combat is satisfying, the random generation constantly throws you a different experience with items or weapons. The only thing I wish was that you could customize your character more at launch, but this roguelike is more about building a character with the items the game throws at you than starting out with the kinda skills you want then specializing from there, which I feel is actually truer to the roguelike namesake.


The definitive non-sim rally series

Dez | Nov. 8, 2013 | Review of DiRT 2 - PC

If you don't wanna go fully rally sim, this is the best rally series of game on the market, DiRT 2 being the most pure rally game in the series IMO and my favorite. Its a racing game, so a controller or wheel is handy but you can play this on keyboard better than most. Not really much more to say I guess, its campaign is nice and long, good tracks, its got a good soundtrack and the cars feel great. Graphics still looks great.


You haven't played a shooter with a story like this before

Dez | Nov. 8, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops the Line - PC

My title was going to be, "you haven't played a shooter like this before", but that would be kinda incorrect, because the mechanics of this game are in some respects pretty typical, which I believe was deliberate to make gamers feel more comfortable in the opening stages of the game and as a further point for the commentary this games story makes about modern military shooters in general. If you've seen the much publicized "White Phosphorus" bit of Homefront, imagine that sequence but with actual weight and emotional effect when this game hits its stride. If you don't feel uncomfortable and unsettled while experiencing this game, there is something wrong with you, you are probably a psychopath. Its great food for thought about what you do in Modern Military shooter campaigns and I recommend it to my friends. Also apparently the multiplier was alright but I was a bit late to get in on that, setting up a game with half a dozen fiends might net some good times.


Great Fun, Great Character

Dez | Nov. 8, 2013 | Review of Overlord - PC

This game is pretty funny and absolutely OOZES character and relishes in its unique aesthetic of having you play the bad guy which makes it refreshing, I remembered playing the demo on Xbox years ago and saw it on sale on GMG and thought "what the hell". Its got some laughs out of me in the time I have played it. The combat seems a little simple to begin with (aka the first half hour or less) but then broadens out with new minion types as well as spells and abilities and such. Speaking of the minions, you really get attached to them in a way, like when you see one of them doing a hilarious attack to an enemy in combat while wearing his pumpkin helmet which he took out of a pumpkin field you just smashed up, and then you try and stop him from getting killed at all costs. You probably have played games with similar-ish mechanics (Pikmin, the hack and slash third person typical style) but I bet none of them let you be the bad guy!


An absolute classic

Dez | Nov. 8, 2013 | Review of Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition - PC

No real time strategy game matches the scope and breadth of time periods like the empire earth series. Think of it as a cross over between Age of Empires and the Civilization games, the former's game style with the latter's time periods and more complicated technology trees. The combat is more complex than AoE because there are airplanes and nuclear weapons (which can be used to absolutely WREAK another player) and all kinds of more modern units. This game is the definitive RTS (most assuredly of its kind as in not competitive ala starcraft) IMO, and its dirt cheap especial when on sale.


Alright Game, GMG has it cheaper than anywhere I know of

Dez | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

I got this for around $2 or less a while ago, for that price its well worth it. Third person mostly linear RPG hack and slash but enjoyable, great world if you like the LOTR. The characters all play reasonably different and all the different armors and clothes actually change your character visually, and are unique to each character and they are all look great.