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Amazingly well done and fun to play game.

Dicax | July 2, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA Overflow 1 - PC

The PC version of this game is amazingly fun. The main improvements over the already great Borderlands 1 game include mainly a mini-map in the upper right hand corner. (The first game gave you a circle around your character to lead you to quest objectives and made it difficult to keep track of objective points and enemies.) The main story line: You play a vault hunter, Handsome Jack is a jerk and tried to kill you (Sorry its the first cinematic in the game spoilers,) fails, and you go on a quest to stop him from doing this to anyone else. Overall a pretty good story without any of the details, takes you to interesting environments and some familiar places from the first game if you have played it. Side Missions: The side missions are easily some of most entertaining parts of the game and are highly recommended. The side missions are where a lot of the more unique guns and items come into play. Not to mention if you like to know character dynamics, it is an excellent way to flush out the relationship of the characters. Although the bad part is if you do too many side missions on your first play through, you find yourself really high level for what you should be for the next story mission. Which can make it feel trivial. So be advised. Multiplayer: Simply put, take single player, add 3 people, and hope the host has a good connection. Opening your game to the public is a great way of getting through a tough patch in the game and you might make some friends, but probably not because, well, very few people talk in my experience so far. Controls/Graphics: Controller compatibility with Xbox 360 and a few others. I personally play with a 360 controller and a friend of mine asked why it looks better on my Xbox than his, so PC is prettier than 360, not sure about PS3. For a comparison purposes I am using an older model high end card the 9800 GT. They sell for about 40 bucks and are probably the most bang for the buck in a pinch.