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Ok. Not as good as Origins.

Digiclipse | June 2, 2013 | Review of Dragon Age 2 - PC

Dragon Age 2 is an ok game at best, the new combat style and graphics feels fresh in comparison to the previous game. However i find the areas you go to to be boring and on more than one occasion a clear copy paste job of a previous area. The whole rise to champion of Kirkwall feels slightly rushed and not well thought out. In fact the story in general pales in comparison to the first game and is fairly boring. The return of a few DA:Origins characters make an appearance however not for long which was disappointing. The combat overhaul however feels nice and brutal and allot more involving with a nice selection of skill trees to go down. There are no executions however which once again is disappointing and the fact that there is only 3 classes and the choice of a male or female human is annoying as well. For the price however it's not too bad and i hope DA3 changes allot or goes back to how DA: Origins was. All in all the game is disappointing in many ways and not worth full price, could have been so much more and it pales in comparison to the first.


So worth the wait.

Digiclipse | May 31, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

I bought this game on release and truly loved every second of it. I have all the DLC and have purchased the game for two other friends. I have completed it twice and still hunger for more. I hope they make a second one, i need more Wei Shen action :D!