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Dimber | July 29, 2013 | Review of BioShock NA Overflow 1 - PC

Bioshock is just flat out great. The entire first act is told throughout the second act, and the second act is told completely through the gameplay. Though the story goes on farther than it should and the *real* ending is pathetic, it's a fun exploration of a city under the water. It's one for the halls in gaming history.


Fun and Absorbing

Dimber | July 29, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

This game is one of the best turn-based strategy games ever. It is so fun, and so absorbing that it makes you want to never stop playing. In 9 hours of gameplay, I went from having one city in South America to owning a future nation taking most of South America and North America, half from conquest, half from exploring. Get this game--it's very creative and explorative.


A Good Introduction to the Genre

Dimber | July 29, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown NA Overflow 1 - PC

If you never really got into strategy games, like me, XCOM here is a very good introduction to the genre. It makes the controls seems smooth, effective, and intuitive, unlike some other strategy games which could be more turning off to a genre. It's a very exciting and fun game, and very absorbing.


Challenging and Fair

Dimber | July 27, 2013 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

The game is wonderful. It's paced well and the gameplay is that of a ROM hack, where you're constantly forced to try new things and make a solution of what's provided to you. One of the hardest and greatest platformers of our time.


A Disappointment

Dimber | July 27, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Invisible War Steam - PC

Just finished Deus Ex! Wow, that was incredible! Sadly, the sequel will be a disappointment. On its own, it isn't half bad and plays kinda well, but compared to the original, it's not that good. If you haven't played any other Deus Ex game, then you'd be entertained by this one.


Meets Every Expectation

Dimber | July 27, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Columbias Finest - PC

It's exactly what it looks like. Perfect. Wonderful. If you get it, you'll know what you're getting. That's it, yanno?


Game of the Year

Dimber | July 27, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

Bioshock Infinite is a very, very good game. It's got wonderful aesthetics and Columbia looks very very good. The gameplay is fast-paced and works best on Hard Mode, and the story is incredibly deep and complex. If you're ready for a journey through a happy, racist Disney land, then come play Bioshock Infinite.


Awesome Game

Dimber | July 27, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition Steam - PC

This really is an awesome game. The gameplay is tight, the stealth and combat are both even and fun, and the story is amazing. It's very deep and philosophical, and it's considered one of the greatest and deepest PC games of all time. The only bad thing about it is that, even for the time, the graphics were and are incredibly bad. Nonetheless, it's a worthwhile game to play.