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Finishing this generation with a bang.

DinerEnBlanc | May 25, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

It's undeniable that the first Bioshock has advanced the narrative in this medium quite a bit, and Infinite is just another step in the right direction. Of course you get the amazing narrative you'd expect; Elizabeth is possibly the best companion ever created in gaming. The developers took their time in developing her character and build the relationship between her & Booker. A character of this quality has not been done since Half Life 2, and even then the comparison falls in Infinite's favor. The level design is another standout. The addition of the skyline was ingenious as it allowed the developers to open up the map in a way where it complimented the setting of a city in space. Superpowers, now called vigors instead of plasmids, allows the player to mix a match their play style. There's a decent selection of vigors that allows the player to experiment with certain combos and leads to some replay value. Some of the returning powers from the old game have been streamlined to allow for easier management. For example, instead of having to switch between enemy specific plasmids, the power of possession now encompasses all enemies. This aids the somewhat clumsy interface that plagued the first game. When playing the game, these sort of changes does make a huge difference, and make the powers just that much more fun to use. There is simply no other game like Infinite at the moment out there right now, and you'd be dead wrong if you were to this that as a gamer this isn't something that all of us should experience before we move onto the next generation. It is frankly, the most memorable that I've ever had the luxury of playing. Thanks to the superb narrative and game design, this is the type of game that will sit in your mind for days to come.