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Filled with all Missing Stuff from Payday: The Heist

DirkPittGT | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

New city with new contracts and diffirent heists. We will continue our business where we left. Our Payday Gang hit the D.C. this time. There is a lot of diffirent heists and each time you play them, they will generate diffirent situations. Each time you do the same heist you have to change your plan according to these situations. This will make the game repeatly playable because you will want to do them overly. Overkill did the job done and bring enourmous custimization options for your guns, skills and masks. Whenever you finish a heist, you get a chance to earn a custimization to make your loadout more unique to you. This time Overkill also add full stealth option for most of the heists. Get in and out without noticed but while doing this; they manage to do only downside of the game: - AI is a little bit ignore you sometimes. In the end, Overkill surpassed the first game with all new and more re-playability stuff. With new Crime-Net setup, Co-op mode has become more fun and easy adaptation for new comers to Payday gang as well. If you enjoyed the first one, you will definitely love this one as well. For those who has a group of 4 player and searching for a FPS game, get Payday 2 you will not regret the decision.