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The next step in telltales story telling franchise.

DocDresden | Oct. 17, 2013 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

Disclaimer: I'm not familiar with the comic series. The game is a highly successful follow-up to the smash hit of last year, The Walking Dead. They've upgraded numerous bits of the interface, and allowed a new system that affects how story events play out. Choosing between two areas to go to may not seem like much, but at the same time it changes the story at the other when you go to one. Characters may not be there, others may be easier to interact with based upon the amount of time passed before seeing them. The setting is fantastic, bringing you up to speed on the world relatively quickly with a compendium, titled the book of fables, for extra reading to familiarize oneself with the characters and locations. In future chapters, I'd hope to see better utilization of Bigby's detective skills, as the few investigative portions seem to hold your hand while looking through it, the simplicity of the system does lead itself away from finding clues and more towards looking at circles to run through your options with. All in all, the game is a very positive experience and I'm glad to see that this new system of taking IP's and translating them into an interactive medium is paying off in spades, creating memorable stories in the process.