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A success.

DolevSan | Oct. 11, 2011 | Review of Might and Magic Clash of Heroes - PC

The developers of the game, change the platform from nintendo to pc so smoothly, you can barely know it is not an pc game originally. The gameplay is perfect, right on start you get a clear view of how to play the game, the rules and the advantage of each one of the forces. It's not enough to build the most powerful combination, you have to know how to play your moves in order to win. The single player is perfect indeed. It's worth the money for the single player alone that promise you at least 30 hours of interesting stradegy and puzzles. It's not too hard or easy. In some parts you will have to go back and fight a bit more before you deal with the boss. The storyline is very interesting and you will have hard time stop playing untill the end of each part. The multiplayer is stable, you need a reliable player against you in order to enjoy it, but in the end, it was done nicely, and it's the gamers responsibility to carry it on fairly. This game made a huge jump from a simple console to the pc, and indeed it was a successful transition.