Reviews by DomEReapeR


What I expected and more

DomEReapeR | Aug. 27, 2013 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified - PC

I'd been waiting for this game for ages, when it finally came out (3 days later here than in America) I was blown away by all the bad criticism it has recieved. The game is pretty much what I expected, a third-person Xcom. It took me about 14 hours to finish which is a biiit on the shord side for 45 euros but it was a very enjoyable 14 hours. The game gives you a main character, and as you rank up, you gain powers based on technology taken from the aliens you've defeated, eventually you're able to throw out your own silacoids and drones as well as mind controlling enemies for a short period of time. You can bring 2 squadmembers, that can each have one of 4 classes in the game. I personally brought a Recon for specific target high-damage strikes as well as an orbital bombardment, along with an engineer who could throw out mines and turrets. Along the game you find a lot of new fun weapons, from ballistic to laser, and eventually plasma. All the weapons are satisfying to use, and work perfectly in conjunction with your powers. There are a lot of enemy types that all look pretty similar but function very differently. I played on what I think is supposed to be the normal difficulty (I played on squaddie) and the game was a bit on the difficult side, but it was managable. I'd say there's definietly replayability if you switch out your squadmembers classes and your own abilities and weapons. All in all, the game did not dissappoint, was very enjoyable, and fans of XCOM are going to absolutely love it.


A Fantastic Sequel

DomEReapeR | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

Payday 2 is a great sequel to a great game, with promising future features on the way, like decorating your safehouse and added missions/masks. Let's start with that, one thing they added to Payday 2 was mask customization, once you recieve your payday (Random mask item/mod/extra money) you have a chance of getting a new mask, patterns or colours, which gives your character a bit of your own personality. Lots of new weapons with customizable mods, lets you create the weapon of your dreams, whether you want a loud surpressing shotgun or a quiet stealthy pistol. An inventory so you can have 9 of each type of weapon stashed depending on what mission you'll be playing. Every mission can be stealthed in this game, every mission can also be played by running in guns-blazing. It's all up to you. The new day system adds more length to some missions, and thus a higher payday, which is really fun. You get experience and level up after each mission, and you can spend your points in 4 different skill trees depending on what gamestyle you prefer. All in all I absolutely adore this game, and I can't wait for them to add more content, hopefully in free updates.


Game of the Year

DomEReapeR | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

Dark Souls was tough for me at first, I bought this game before I had a gamepad which made things rough, and the game unplayable for me. Then I got a gamepad, and my adventure started. There isn't much in terms of tutorials, what stats do and what stats are best for your kind of character can be tough to learn, prepare to wiki. However, once you've learned it all, the game is a lot more enjoyable. You can kind of play it through in co-op, if you're prepared for invasions everywhere you go, which makes the game harder, and in my opinion more fun (Unless people are twinking or cheating, which happens more often than I'd like to admit.) The game has an incredible length (Took me 60 hours to beat it first time) and massive replayability. A tough learning curve, making the game very hard your first time through, but once you've mastered it you feel like a champion. Using souls to level up and buy items/upgrade weapons is satisfying, a cool RPG system where you can increase one stat per level, but making sure you don't go too far with it by limiting your multiplayer capabilities depending on your soul level. This game brought me much enjoyment and some very successful youtube videos, I love it to death and I'll be playing it for years to come.