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Great for gangsters fans.

DrDeath | Nov. 6, 2013 | Review of Mafia II Overflow - PC

This game opens up as an interesting story that keeps going until ends up on an even more interesting story, going from a thief wanna-be that joins the US Army Light infantry Airborne unit to ends up as one of the biggest Mob leaders of New yor...... Empire city. The first mafia has been just a rip off from The Godfather (IMHO, best PS2 game ever). But this game REALLY does a good justice to the genre of mobsters sandbox. Of course, there are flaws, but nothing too big. The weapons are somewhat lacking, and the ammo is not universal between some of them like how it should be (the .45 ammo used in both M1911, and both Thompsons) and the Crosshairs are not really useful either at all... but this is not the first time we have seen this, so its not really game-breaking. The graphics DOES looks dated somewhat, then again, we are talking about an 2010 game here, but trust me, it won't look like that in a lot of times, the biggest complaint would be also that the Cutscenes are not rendered with the same quality than the in-game engine, but that they are inferior too (something odd and EXTREMLY rare in games). But the shadow quality is at least, good, and i cant say much bad about the textures either. The game tries too hard to be interactive, maybe a little bit too hard. Some parts of it itself are glitching because the interaction is up to where your character is looking, not where you are pointing at, and being a Third Person Shoter, that's not a good idea. Not that its a big problem, after all, almost nothing that you can do inside your house is really useful... you will be only using the fridge, the guardrobe, maybe the radio, and the phone for certain missions. Talking about the radio, a big complain would be the lack of radio stations, in the first part of the game that takes in the 1945 has just 3 radio stations (too little) but at least the song in them its not bad, its pretty good. Then, after the second half wich takes you into the US of 1951, the radio stations are there, with the music of the time, not even their names changed. Now that i mentioned the second half, i have to say, its REALLY well done as an enviroment, some places changed, the cars changed, and you can see everything by yourself how the whole US changes in the time of the war and after the war. The main difference of the 2 parts would be the weather, wich in the first part is snowing (vehicle handling is affected) and the second part is Autumn/Summer. About vehicle handling: Its no TDU or car simulator, but its doing a pretty damn good job at it. I haven't touched the arcade setting, but the realistic vehicle handling its just fantastic. The AI its just the good old classic Sandbox AI, TERRIBLE. And the cops may look like if they took car driving lessons from the ones in GTA. But at last, the Cops AI its not so bad, it does behaves somewhat in a realistic manner, the only exception would be that going over a red light its not considered law infringement, or at least i haven't been chased by passing over a red light. This game is FORCING YOU to stay in cover, wether this is good or bad, its up to you. Also, i should be explaining that the AI only reacts to you, yes, granted, this is better than COD, friendly AI actually does something, but the game really put the spotlight on you. The system to buy things is bad. You cant buy cars, the tunning its not good until you have unlocked everything in the last section of the game, and the cloth stores do not tell you wich item you have already bought before, or wich one you haven't. This is turning the game into a more GTA IV style approach, as you cant even buy houses (not that it really matters, as there are just 4 houses for you, starting one, first half, mid half, and a bad last half one). The dialog is greatly written, and there is nothing else to say that i just love it. You WILL have to remember that this game doesn't give a thing about your money, as in 2 parts of the game they force you to leave everything behind. There is a lotpicking minigame to steal cars, but dont get too excited, it may be silent, but its still attracting cops, its not really realistic at all (how hard would it be to make it realistic? really!), but its a nice add to the general game. There is no much thing to say about this game other than: DO NOT trust the demo, in that demo you are with a suit and a house that comes up later in the game, with weapons that you unlock, but at the end you dont have nothing of it in the final game.