Reviews by DrHouse


How a basketball game should be

DrHouse | Oct. 28, 2012 | Review of NBA 2K13 - PC

I'm not a big fan of sport games, but when I played this I instantly liked it. Everything in it is amazing, how the controls feel, how it look, how it behaves. When you grab the controls you really feel like the players are listening to your orders. You don't feel like you have to "learn" the controls, instead they just do what they should do. The graphics are great, nothing special but very good. The sound feels inmersive with all the comments, the bacground sounds, everything. And the inmersive stats and profiles...perfect. So THIS is how a sports game should be. Also it's not that expensive.


A masterpiece

DrHouse | Sept. 6, 2012 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

Alan Wake is a masterpice, and like other masterpiece it will remain in out memories for the rest of out lives. Alan Wake provides a unique story comparable to Half-Life, Bioshock or Splinter Cell. It's engaging, it's new, it's fresh and it's interesting and clever. Better than the majority of games and movies ever made. The graphics are awesome. They use new technologies and a very optimized engine, so you can have a good framerate while enjoying amazing graphics. The music score is impressive. It makes you feel immersed in the game. It's beautiful by itself. And this is accompained with very high quality sounds and voice acting, which is good too. These reasons and more is why Alan Wake has become an instant masterpiece. If you haven't bought it yet you should do even at full price, because such a good game deserves it.



DrHouse | Sept. 1, 2012 | Review of Scania Truck Driving Simulator - PC

This game is that, advertisement. because this is not a very good simulator at all. The controls are odd and laggy. The graphics are behind any modern-day game. The sound is bad, and that is noted a lot when you want to listen to the engine. And the trucks set is very limited due to being a game from a trucks company, so it doesn't have any truck from their oppositors. And the worst of all, they charge you for seeing their ads.


Good game. Bad performance.

DrHouse | Aug. 31, 2012 | Review of Rochard - PC

The game is overall good. Good graphics, good story, good gameplay, good sound...but a very bad performance. This is due to being build on the Unity3D engine. Because lets face it, Unity is good for simple games or platformers or a concept test, but for real games it's performance is just not good enough. It need the more power than Crysis to render a Super Mario-like game. So good if you have a good PC. Otherwise I would wait until the price drops.


Old school RTS with many improvements

DrHouse | Aug. 31, 2012 | Review of Starvoid - PC

It's an RTS like in the goold old days, but with many modern day improvements. They new matchmaking system allows you to join an existing game easily, or join/make a new game withing seconds. You can leave at any time too if you cannot continue playing or just got bored, so you don't have to "suffer" until it ends. Also it has improved 3D graphics of very good quality and performance, that will make you feel that you're part of the game. The sound is good too. But the main point of an RTS has always been the gameplay. The gameplay is gorgeous. It's addictive. The controls just feel right. You can do everything with just a few clicks or key presses. You won't feel that "oh, common, where's the button?" that you might experience in other RTS games. So, if you love RTS games you will surely love Starvoid too. And it's VERY cheat for it's quality. So go buy it if you haven't already!


Just a port...

DrHouse | Aug. 29, 2012 | Review of Total War Battles Shogun - PC

It's a cut version of the original PC game, and it's just ported over to PC. So it's basically a cut version of the original game. Worse graphics than the original PC version. Worse sound. Worse details. Worse maps. It's worse in everything than the original version. So, from my viewpoint it's just a money-grabbing mobile port. And it's overpriced.


Kinda realistic...

DrHouse | Aug. 29, 2012 | Review of The Race for the Whitehouse - PC

But just kinda. The human behavior and how the population will react to changes and promises can't be accurately measured. But if you forget about that it becomes pretty interesting. The process of election, the changes, the promises, the twists. It's actually fun and somewhat realistic. The statistics are very complete and well presented. The graphics on the other hand are not very good. They are graphics from the early 2000s. The sound isn't better, and the music isn't better either. The gameplay and controls are fine for what the game is. But maybe the worst part is the price. It's very high for something you could just see on real life. If you're going to buy it better wait until it's on a 50% off sale.


Fun top-down shooter!

DrHouse | Aug. 28, 2012 | Review of Tiny Troopers - PC

It might not be a genre-defining game, because in fact there are hundreds of games like this, but it doesn't mean it's the same. It has some new cool stuff, like impressive physics, impressive visual effects and an art style in the line of Team Fortress 2 that fits the game perfectly. Regarding the playability, you'll get immersed in the game without noticing, which is what a game should do. The sound is good too, while the music is not the best. And for that price it's a bargain! Go get it now!


Good, but not a game

DrHouse | Aug. 12, 2012 | Review of Dear Esther - PC

The fact that it's sold in game stores doesn't mean it's a game at all. It more like a movie. You don't have to do anything, just walk around the island and listen to what a mysterious omnipresent narrator has to say. It's a good experience, and visually it's one of the best things ever done in Source. So it's good to some degree, but don't expect to "have fun" or a great gameplay, because there isn't any gameplay at all. Just sit and relax.


Very well done!

DrHouse | Aug. 7, 2012 | Review of Deponia - PC

Seriously, it's very good. It's somewhat alike the Runaway serios or like Hollywood Monsters (1 or 2). It has a lot of humor, great dialogs, very good hand-made graphic style (in HD), and a good audio and soundtrack. The storyline is good too, somewhat below the said Runaway games orThe Longest Journey or Lucas Art's adventures, but still very good. If you love aventure games this game is for you. And if you don't then it's for you too, because it's very good indeed.


5 euros for just a city

DrHouse | Aug. 4, 2012 | Review of Cities in Motion Paris - PC

Lets face it, this is just a city for a game. Sure, it's a cool city, who doesn't love Paris. But 5 euros for having it in a game is offensive. Buy it at your own risk.


Speed Demons Remade!

DrHouse | Aug. 4, 2012 | Review of Death Rally - PC

Yeah, the classic Speed Demons game from the 90's remade with today's standards. Really fun, and even funnier if you have friends to play with. The graphics are awesome, with some effects that will blown your mind. The sound is great, and it features voices from famous actors, like the one who portraits Duke Nukem. And the gameplay is awesome too, with well made controls and tons of bonuses that will make the matches even more dynamic. And it's really cheap. Go buy it now!


Tractor races?

DrHouse | July 27, 2012 | Review of Redneck Racers - PC

Yeah, tractor races. it might not be the most fun thing in the world, but you'll have lots of laughs with this game. And well, while the graphics are bad, the sound is bad too, the gameplay is actually fun. But this is not the price it deserves. Maybe a 25% or ever 50% of it's actual price would be ok. But if you have some spare money, buy it!


Not better than the average flash game

DrHouse | July 27, 2012 | Review of Farm 2 - PC

To be fair it's a little better than those flash games that populate the internet, but not that much. But those are free, so... The graphics are meh. The sound is awful. And the replayability is zero if you don't really love farming, in which case you should build a real farm. Also, for that price you could get much better games.


Almost has good as Arkham City

DrHouse | July 5, 2012 | Review of LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes - PC

Not really, but it's close. I never expected a lego game to be that good, but it is. The graphics The sound is good, but not the best. The gameplay is good, but feels a bit childish. But moreover it's great to play, really fun and entertaining. I find it cool to play with friends in the co-op mode. Really recommendable.


Diving simulator. Nothings else

DrHouse | July 3, 2012 | Review of Diver - PC

That's just a simulator. This is not a game by any means. You do nothing apart from diving. It's fun to see for some time, but you'll eventually get bored of it. Maybe worth checking, but not for the full price.


More of a tour than a game, but interesting

DrHouse | July 3, 2012 | Review of Check Dive - PC

This is not a game, this is a tour around the sea. So the gamplay is not the best. The graphics and the sound could be better. But it's actually interesting to see. It's relaxing and doesn't have big pretensions. Maybe not worth the full price, but it's worth checking.


Very good game

DrHouse | July 3, 2012 | Review of Last Half of Darkness Society of the Serpent Moon - PC

Not the best I've seen in my life, but it's an interesting game at least. The graphics aren't great, but they don't need to be. The sound is ok, and the gameplay is ok too. But where this game is great is on its storyline. It's very good. I didn't expect it to be so good. I even think ths is an underrated game. If you love story-driven games this is for you.


Stealth is not the main selling point anymore

DrHouse | July 2, 2012 | Review of Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction - PC

This is a great Splinter Cell game. The best selling point of it is its story-line, which is just one of best you can see nowadays. And of course there's lots of action. But that greatness comes with some downsides. The most noticeable: it almost lacks any stealth. Not that it doesn't have any stealth at all, but in comparison with the previous Sam Fisher games it's less stealthy. But anyway, it's a great game which is better than many of the games out there. The graphics have a very high quality, and the sound does too. So, if you liked the previous San Fisher adventures you must buy this one too. You'll love the story-line.


The one that started it all

DrHouse | July 2, 2012 | Review of Splinter Cell - PC

This is the only, the one, the first Splinter Cell. It is so good that it reinvented the stealth genre. It has all you can ask a game for. it has action and stealth. You have to plan every move if you want to finish your mission. The graphics are great, with a good integration of the shadows as a main part of the game. The sound is perfect, and lets you immerse in the game even more. And the storyline is just one of the best storylines yo can see in a videogame or even a movie. A must buy for stealth lovers.


Best adventure game of the year

DrHouse | June 27, 2012 | Review of The Next Big Thing - PC

This game has all you can expect from an adventure game with the maximum quality. It's worthy of be called an old school adventure game, but with the quality of a AAA next-gen game. It has the typical humor of other Pendulo's games, like the awarded Runaway. The graphics are in HD, with an outstanding quality thanks to Pendulo's cell-shading technology for the characters and objects and the professional hand-drawn backgrounds. The sound is in very hight quality, with a sound score worthy of a Hollywood (pun intended) movie, accompanied with a music that just fits. And of course, the main thing an adventure looks for, the storyline. it's just perfect, with an ending that surely will satisfy the most exigent adventurer. Buy it if you haven't yet!


First game in the world that uses the sand correcly

DrHouse | June 24, 2012 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

This is the first game ever made that uses the sand has a main gameplay element CORRECTLY. The sand is like any other player. You have to use it in intelligent ways to be able to play this game. The scenarios are dynamic, and full of details. The storyline is good, not the best but deffinetively better than many games out there. And the graphics and sounds are just perfect for this game. One of the best games you can buy this summer.


Puzzle games taken into another dimention

DrHouse | June 24, 2012 | Review of Quantum Conundrum Season Pass - PC

This is a puzzle game like you have never seen before. It has new elements and game mechanics never seen in any other game. The visual style fits perfectly within the rest of the game. The audio and the music are there when they are needed. But what makes this game unique is the gameplay mechanics, with 5 different dimensions you have too switch between with the Shift Device, which gives so much room for puzzles and fun. If you loved puzzle games like Portal you'll love this game too.


One of the Best Games Ever

DrHouse | April 8, 2012 | Review of BioShock - PC

I don't give 100 scores to games very often, but Bioshoc certainly deserves it. It's polished, it has a great plot, and certainly it has great gameplay. It's just perfect from start to end. There are no boring moments, because all is pure action in this game. Ge get lots of cool weapons and plasmids, and any of those can be upgraded though the game, but unlike other games you just can't upgrade all you weapons in the secods level, so you have to actually manage well your upgrades. It's not easy, but neither it's hard. It's balanced as any other game. And all that gets even better when you see the plot, and how it's developed though the game. And what an ending. Lovely.


Not such a good game if you don't like RPG

DrHouse | April 8, 2012 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition - PC

It has nothing to do with an FPS. It's like many others RPG, boring. It's quest after quest, without an outstanding storyline, and without memorable characters. Most of the time it's just go there, kill this guy, collect X money, get Y weapon. Certainly not a grain of salt for FPS or story-based game lovers. Still a good artwork and certainly fun to play with friends.


One of the best co-op games ever made

DrHouse | April 8, 2012 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

This is just an incledible co-op game. You have all you may want in a co-op game plus tons of blood and fun. It's an incredible experience which gets even better if you play with friends. Also, this game has lots of content, which gets bigger every few time since the developers continue to support the game nowadays, and there's no plans to stop it. With this price you have no reasons for not buying it now!


The best fun you can have in a sandbox

DrHouse | April 5, 2012 | Review of Grand Theft Auto Vice City - PC

The one, the unmatched, the best: GTA Vice City is just the best sandbox game ever developed. Tons of humor, tons of freedom, tons of hours of fun. Definitively worth its price.


Killing zombies has never been funnier

DrHouse | Oct. 4, 2011 | Review of Dead Island - PC

It's here, one of the most awaited games of this year. It features an epic environment with many, many open areas to investigate. it has a perfect arsenal with almost everything you could expect to find in an island, and more! And while being open, you can still follow the story, which isn't really bad. With thousands of quest to do, and thousands of experiences to enjoy. If you want a true open experience full with zombies everywere, in which yuo can kill as much of them as you can this is a very worthy game.


Unique in every way

DrHouse | Aug. 13, 2011 | Review of Trackmania United Forever - PC

It may look like an driving simulator, but No, TrackMania United Forever is much more. Its a fast-paced driving game where realistic driving is not the prime. You have to be the fastest and perform perfectly to be the first in the fabulous online game which supports even 128 playes at the same time in a single match. If you love unrealistic driving by 7 unique environments you will enjoy this game.


Scary without a reason

DrHouse | Aug. 13, 2011 | Review of Penumbra Collection - PC

This game is one of the most scary games out there even not having reasons for it to be. This is a game where you don't have to worry too much about enemies because there are only a few esay to kill dogs, and looks more lika an graphic adventure than a FPS. However it builds an claustrophobic atmosphere which is scary by itself. If you love to play scary games and don't care that there are no real danger you should definetly get it.


Deeper story, but less stealthy

DrHouse | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Double Agent - PC

In this game you have to go even deeper in the inmersion of the story, becouse you have to be on both bands at the same time. The story won't disappoint you, and the graphics and sound are also great thanks to the unreal Engine 3 used in this game. The gameplay, while retains some classic things from frevious Splinter Cell games is now more a shoter than a stealh game, impliying that you will have to shoot more and hide less. If you enjoyed the previous three Sam Fisher adventures you will surely enjoy this too.


Save the world...stealthy

DrHouse | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Splinter Cell - PC

One of the best stealth games of all times. Once you get inthe the world of Sam Fisher you cannot get out. It's an innmersive experience like no others, with a brillian backgraund story that only Tom Clancy could have written. And all mixed with brilliant gameplay in which stay at the shadows quietly is more important than shot bullets everywhere. And with the night and theremic vision googles shadows will only help you, so you can catch by surprise your enemies. Also, graphics and sound are great, and even today they look georgeous. A buy that won't disapponit you in any way.